More Egypt videos.

I simply haven’t had time today to figure out the logistics on these. Some are from before, during and after the taking of the big mosque where so many devout and religious muslims were holed up today. All videos are posted here at vlad but not in order of events. I would like to have put that together but for the moment at least the material is here to sort it out.

Meanwhile, here is another video of that bridge where many people seemed to feel the need to try and repel down on what appears to be a metal cable of some kind. No idea if its sport or away from danger. Interesting to note that no one thought of putting something soft under the spot where so many fell.

CAIRO – AUG 17 2013 – Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and Muslim jihadists getting out of the al fath mosque under military protection – civilians are there with sticks to kill them –

Major celebration after the police got the MB out of the al fath mosque. Interesting to see them carry the police on their shoulders even decked out in all that armor.

This apparently is MB people being escorted of the mosque under military protection. Its a bit hard to tell, it looks like any day in Egypt these days.

It would appear that the generals are planning to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood. If I am not mistaken, they were illegal under Mubarek as well.

Burka clad people being escorted from mosque by army. No easy way to tell of course if its men or women but there does seem to be quite a few of them in a mosque in a war zone. More than I would expect in terms of number of women present.

Thank you very much M, CB Sashenka and others who sent in material.

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3 Replies to “More Egypt videos.”

  1. thanks for the Videos. Its clear the majority of Egyptians want the Muslim Brotherhood gone. As Usual, our Muslim President picked the wrong side. Along with McCain and other Rino’s who are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood backed Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria.

  2. A lot of women were looking for loved ones among the corpses. However horrifying, they have to move fast lest cremation be deemed necessary, either for reasons of public health or spiteful retribution.

  3. Fox. I beg to differ.

    Your president did not pick the wrong side. He picked his own side which incidentally isn’t the same side as the american people.

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