Egyptian riot videos Aug 16 2013


Aug 15 Coptic church burning in Sohag

Men, some in bathrobes, repelling down a bridge for some reason

I think I need to read Lord of the Flies again.

Beards and Burkas spewing hatred and ignorance in the form of two overused and pointless words.

Riots rocks and guns fired from rooftop in Egypt. Might even be at random people.

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  1. Egyptian security forces surround Islamist protesters in mosque

    CAIRO — Egyptian security forces on Friday surrounded a Cairo mosque where Islamist supporters were holed up, with each side accusing the other of opening fire, officials and Islamists said.

    The siege of the of the Al-Fath mosque in the Ramsis area comes at the end of a day of clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi that left over 80 people dead.

  2. Protesters trapped inside Cairo mosque ask for ‘safe exit’: Doctors Syndicate

    Khairy Abdel-Dayem, head of the Doctors’ Syndicate, has reportedly said that 1500 protesters and 31 doctors trapped inside a Cairo mosque have asked security forces for “a safe exit” when the ongoing curfew ends on Saturday morning at 7am.

    Police forces are currently besieging El-Fath mosque in Ramses square, downtown Cairo, the vicinity of which witnessed deadly clashes on Friday that left more 54 dead, according to medical sources.

    “Khairy Abdel-Dayem, head of the Doctors’ syndicate, told me in a phone call that there are 1500 protesters 31 doctors trapped inside the mosque. There are also 70 injured,” Ahmed Hussein, a doctor and member of the syndicate, told Ahram’s Arabic language website.

    “They demand a safe exit because they fear if they leave the mosque they will be arrested and humiliated. They want to go out in the presence of human rights representatives, media personnel and members of the Doctors Syndicate to make sure this will not happen.”

  3. Such an adrenaline rush, fighting in the way of Allah. Fate and fellowship, carnage, martyrs. Sacred slaughter. “Ahmed died in our arms – in our arms!” Better than traffic accidents.

  4. When you see the look of rapture in these characters’ faces and the way they throw themselves at everything with such vigor, it’s hard not to wonder if they aren’t just a bunch of drama queens who simply love violence and mayhem and doing cool, manly, semi-military-type stuff like rappelling off a bridge. Maybe the only time these jaspers are happy is when they’re engaged in some insanely fanatical activity where they can engage without reservation or thought. Maybe they’re just crazy…

  5. You’ve got that right, Chris. They’re barking mad. All of them. One porky guy gets so caught up, attempts to rappel — bad idea. Flop. Another casuality statistic.

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