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1. Jewish school bans kippah due to Islamic antisemitism

The Jewish school “Maimonides”, rich in tradition and in the centre of Brussels, has to endure, sixty-five years after its startup, an increasingly aggressive anti-Semitism with an Islamic flavor. A ban on wearing kippahs is supposed to protect the children from Islamic aggression.

2. Serving halal food to people without their knowledge or consent seems to be just fine. But what would happen to us if we did this?


3. Interesting discussion on Arabic TV. (Please also read the attached Essay at Gates of Vienna here)

4. Michael Coren interviews apologist for honour killings

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  1. Now it is true that some Muslims are peacable enough. Yet it has to borne in mind that some very peaceful Muslims, to the utter surprise and shock of their friends and family, have become shaheeds.

    This ongoing discussion since 9/11 on the existence moderate Islam or Muslims, as opposed to just Islam and Muslims, is predicated on the belief, or fervent hope, that moderate Muslims will somehow be able to civilise Islam, such that it no longer poses an existential threat to us. There seems to be no end to this debate. Let us therefore consider two scenarios where moderate Islam does actually exist, and there are sufficient numbers of Muslims to show this to be the case.

    Case 1. Let us consider the situation that moderate Muslims prove that the correct interpretation of Islam was the moderate one (whatever that is). They even go further and make the changes in their teachings of the Koran and the Jihad. Such an outcome would no doubt come as a great relief to all. But I counter that all such changes were being done merely to protect the ummah while it grows at ever-increasing pace in the West. Once a near majority is achieved, that future generation of Muslims will simply revoke any changes and return to the traditions of the Koran. They will even praise this generation of Muslims for having done what was necessary to protect Islam.

    The larger the number of Muslims, moderate or radical, the greater will be the demands for Sharia, and politicians will rush to accommodate that demographic. The distinction between moderate Muslims and radical Muslims is therefore meaningless; it is of no help to us.

    Case 2. Let us suppose that moderate Muslims came out of hiding and utterly trounce their Jihadi cousins on what constitutes “true” Islam i.e., the moderate, non-violent one. Having got rid of “radical” Islam’s main reasons for waging Jihad would not be the end of the matter. Moderate Muslims will demand their price for having kept Jihad, the fundamental directive of Islam, at bay. That price will again be the implementation of Sharia, initially for Muslims anyway. This will come about since moderate Muslims have not abandoned Islam, but are still dutiful Muslims (we will end up with a kind of permanent social coalition government of non-Muslims and moderate Muslims). Even if we agree to this, the “radicals” will still be out there, and amongst us. To keep them at bay, moderate Muslims will be forced to make ever-increasing demands for greater Islamisation. “Good cop bad cop” scenarios come to mind. It will never end.

    In effect moderate and radical Muslims work together. There is no actual treaty as such; it is simply understood.

  2. Morsi supporters torch government offices in Egypt

    CAIRO (AP) — Angry supporters of Egypt’s ousted president have stormed and torched two buildings housing the local government in Giza, the city next to Cairo that is home to the famed pyramids.

    Associated Press reporters saw the buildings — a two-story colonial style villa and a four-story administrative building — set ablaze on Thursday.

    The Giza government offices are located on the Pyramids Road on the west bank of the River Nile.

    State TV blamed supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi for the fire. Its footage shows both structures burning with fire men evacuating employees from the larger building.

    Tamarod, the youth movement that organized the mass rallies preceding Morsi’s ouster on July 3, called for the creation of popular committees to protect government and private property.

  3. #2 This should interesting, we should try this.

    #4 I love the way the man dances around the questions so he wouldn’t have t admit that the Moslem are the big problem.

  4. Reading about the apparently dhimmified Jewish school banning the kippah to appease Muslim sensitivites one begins to connect more dots –
    1. Bat Ye’or “Eurabia” = Euro Arab Axis
    2. UK historian, economist and political analyst, Rodney Atkinson’s ” “The European Union is based on the Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942.”
    3. Messerschmidt: 7 lies that deceived Denmark
    All that seemed crazy conspiracy theory is beginning to suspiciously
    resemble reality.

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