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3 Replies to “Give a leftist a knighthood and a few tens of millions of dollars and next thing you know, they become sanctimonious dictators.”

  1. I can buy vegetarianism (just about), at least they still eat eggs, cheese and sometimes fish. Vegans on the other hand are morons, and being the food nazis that they are, they will try and force their politics on everyone else.

    The biggest problem for vegans is B12 which is only found in animal sources.
    What gets me, is that vegans insist that you actually can get vitamin B12 purely from non-animal sources, but they still take B12 supplements (pills) anyway. Then they have the gall to brag that there’s is the healthiest diet in the World.
    Sure thing. Well I’ll tell you what the healthiest diet in the World is? It’s the ‘eat nothing at all’ diet. It has no saturated fats and no cholesterol. How do you get your nutrients? Easy, you just pop a big pill twice a day, or failing that you inject nutrients intravenously.
    This is the ridiculousness of vegan claims. They can’t have the healthiest diet in the World, if they need to take a pill to top up their nutrients. Sure you can get B12 from veg and fruit, but only if you eat food that has raw unwashed manure still on it (apparently B12 is found in animal shit). Sorry, but excuse me if I don’t give Veganism a try.

    We’ve spent centuries fighting to obtain the freedom and prosperity required to give us more choice. For example, I can get rice from my local supermarket, despite living in a climate where rice can’t grow, and I can also get lamb from New Zealand, bacon from Denmark and bananas from Costa Rica.
    Why then should I want to give myself less choice? But this is what fascists like vegans want us all to do. They have a weird ‘religion’ and they simply want to re-invent man in their own image.

    If the whole World became vegan, then 70 million people who live in colder parts of the Earth, such as Alaska, Siberia or Mongolia would have to rely on imported foods as they would no longer be able to hunt, trap or fish. This would effectively destroy their independence and they would be slaves to rising food costs and slaves to the countries that provide them with their food.
    Of course, this doesn’t bother a vegan in the slightest. They don’t care about the dignity of human freedom. Humans are not important, They’re only concerned that nobody shoots Bambi’s mother.

    Environmentalism, Islam, Veganism, Marxism, they’re all cut from the same cloth. It’s about controlling people, controlling what they eat, how much they earn and ultimately how they think.
    Still, if vegans wish to give it a try – then let them. But, instead of preaching to people like us all the time, they should go and preach the virtues of Veganism to 1 billion Chinese (a nation that eats anything that moves), or better still they can try and tell 1 billion Muslims to give up their Halal lamb and chicken.
    Good luck with that one, you crazy vegan food-fascists!

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