One example of Canadian police outreach and recruitment programs from the most aggressive mosques.

A few days ago, an article was posted on Vlad that detailed just some of the various police services recruitment programs and attitudes about muslim outreach in some of Canada’s most aggressive and jihadi oriented mosques.

Below, an example of the fruits of those programs.

From Tarek Fatah’s Facebook page:

Last night, the president of the anti-Islamist, anti-Jihadi Muslim Canadian Congress Mumtaz Khan was arrested/detained by Canada’s Border Security Agency (CBSA) along with his wife and two children, and questioned for two hours. They were ordered to hold their two hands behind them for the full two hours as they were asked about “sharpened objects.”

For the entire duration the kids were denied access to the washrooms. Guess what was the name of the CBSA officer conducting this interrogation? Try? Well the gentleman turned out to be one ‘Muhammad Bokhari’. This reminds me of the Muslim officers of the Toronto Police who instead of helping me when I was receiving death threats, actually targeted me.

As all sorts of jihadis Islamists come and go from Canada, isn’t it ironic that the head of an organization most vocal against Canada’s jihadi enemies is the one detained and questioned? After the humiliation, guess what officer Bokhari told Mumtaz Khan?

“You are good to go”.  As if he was a Taco Bell burritos. Yeah right officer, we Canadians are ‘good to go’ while you are the helm. This is not the end of the process, I can promise you that Muhammad Bokhari.


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