Links and news for Aug 12 2013 – 1

1. Muslims make point at commemoration of the Battle of Poitiers.

This isn’t the headline at IVE but frankly these guys are right. The battle fought and won to push Islam back out of France and its horrors and abuse is now lost. So while I agree with these Muslims gleefully mocking this commemoration, its worth remembering that time has not stopped and things can turn suddenly. Vive le France Libre.

2. Kremlin now feels that German typewriters are the new key to prevent the theft of classified information. 

3. AQAP chief vows to free jailed Al-Qaeda members  

AFP – The leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Nasser al-Wuhayshi, vowed Monday that imprisoned members of the terror network would be freed.

4. Boston Jewish Family Sues Carver Schools in US District Court for Turning a Blind Eye to Anti-Semitism Against 13-Year Old Son

(Frankly I don’t support this in the context the family sees it. I think personally this is a good opportunity to teach the child to toughen up and learn to fight back and earn some respect. The problem as I see it, and which does deserves the law suit, is the selective enforcement of speech and thought crimes and the now absurd anti-bullying BS everywhere. You can be damn sure if there was any teasing of a black or Muslim kid we know the outcome. The answer is not to sue the school although that might cause people to rethink these issues, but to cut all the hate speech and thought crimes and bullying laws and go back to common sense.)

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  1. Many foreigners would have friends, classmates or acquaintances take small packages and letters back to the home country whenever they returned home for break or vacation. It skips at least one postal system that way.

    We need HUMINT not intelligence vacuum cleaners. What does it matter that you hoover everything up and then let the Pakistanis play you?

    All those terrorists in he Pakistanis tribal territories were tagged and bagged in the Batle for Kunduz Afghanistan in 2001 , but were let go.

    Over 5,000.

    And the Pak Attack kept screwing us after that. & not even the courtesy of a reach around,

  2. Dear Eeyore, as your resident religious nut can I recommend this excellent article in Pravda, which puts across very well, from people with first hand experience of the misery of socialism, and the part that the Christian faith played in sustaining the people through those terrible times, it’s part in defeating it,and it’s central place in the new Russia..
    SO – Confident, united nation (notwithstanding the western sponsored dissidenents. The Russians KNOW that game,it was their oppressors who started it in the west, and they aren’t wearing any of it- desecrate a church and you get carted off to Siberia-Start muslim hate speech and you’re rounded up and posted back to where you came from !)
    OR a balkanised ‘secular democracy’ of special interest groups who fight like cats in a sack, only united in their desire to destroy the society that hosts them.
    SHOULD be a no brainer really.
    Anyway here’s the article

  3. I’ve just watched the video that goes with it, and it is absolutely AWESOME the soulless abstract concept of ‘secular democracy’ cannot EVER come anywhere close to inspiration like this !

  4. “Vive le France Libre.”

    Q- Do you mean La Belle is up for grabs again? Then, is your question, “Who’s the Pimp du jour”? As in Vichy, Gaullist, Commie…?

    A- France has spent so much time on her knees, she’s the Bride of Mohammed par excellence.

  5. #4 Suck it up, kid, or you’re the loser. Parents like your’s, you’re already sunk. Maybe you all oughta make aliya. Learn the meaning of the word “bully” in context.

  6. Yucki:

    I was indulging in a little double entendre. In 1967 Charles de Gaulle came to Quebec and spouted, ‘Vive le QUebec Libre’ which gave birth to militant Quebec separatism and French supremacist terrorism. So on the one hand, while I genuinely want to see France rid itself of Islam and all its influence, I thought I would make what I figured was a personal and wry dig at France and the trouble they caused for Canada as a whole with that remark. Let’s see if the same sentiment can do some good for the land that coined it.

  7. Eeyore- I remember scarey Montreal days of rage! Spoiled a family vacation & took McGill definitively off the colleges-to-visit list.

    I wonder what the net cost of that mov’t has been to Canada. And the extent to which future legislators would be warped by those experiences.

  8. Before Trayvon, there was Tawana Brawley. Read the Grand Jury report.

    Earlier this month it was reported:
    Tawana Brawley, who faked rape, begins defamation payments 25 years later

    Well, that didn’t last long:

    Just months after Pagones began to collect garnished wages from [Tawana Brawley]. . .his lawyers will need to begin the process again.

    Pagones’ lawyer, Garry Bolnick, Sunday confirmed a prior report in the New York Post that Brawley, now 41, had been separated from her job at a nursing home in Virginia.

    “We were told (by a circuit court in Surry County, Va.) she was terminated at the end of June,” Bolnick said Sunday.

    Bolnick said Pagones has collected $3,700 from Brawley over 20 pay periods at The Laurels of Bon Air nursing home in Richmond, Va., where Brawley had served as a nurse.

    New York Daily News: Sunday, November 18, 2007
    Brawley’s family said she does not wear a hijab, or head scarf, but is a devout Muslim, a conversion that began during the trial when Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan gave her the name Maryam Muhammad.

    Her parents, who are Christians, said she can call any mosque in the world and will be provided with security, if her advisers from New York or her specially trained dog cannot protect her.

    They say Brawley enjoys traveling. She has been to Africa twice, to Jamaica, the Bahamas and Aruba on vacation.

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