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7 Replies to “At least one TV regular is capable of stating the obvious.”

  1. Ox Ao

    “You wanted to run away, did you?
    But my war club overtook you.

    And after you were cooked, you made food for my mouth. And where is our father?
    He is cooked.

    And where is you brother?
    He is eaten.

    And where is your wife?
    There she sits, a wife for me.

    and where are your children? there they are, with loads on their backs, carrying food, as my slaves.”

    Traditional New Zealand Maori post-battle, cannibalistic victory taunt.

    From Strategy and tactics issue 281 July-August 2013 (p 68)

    BTW I like the Maori warriors.They look tough.

    Having read Jared Diamond’s books “Collapse” and “Guns Germs and Steel”, I view their cannibalism somewhat differently. It is the whole scarce resources on small island thing. Now New Zealand is not small, but the islands they lived on before they got there were small. Marriage and by extension birth control were serious stuff.

    You have heard no doubt of aged Eskimos walking onto the ice into the wind until they are extremely fatigued, Then they turn away and drop off into a numb sleep. Mind you these are elderly weak people.

    Now imagine you are a young islander with no prospects. There people would swim into the ocean until they were tired.

    All this is no Christian and not particularly religious.


    “Let me just point out why myself being an Agnostic believes Religion is the key to the fabric of a moral society.”

    There were the Crusades. They were probably a good deal. Consider the alternative. What were European knight like? Were they religious? Seems to me that wanted to grab as much loot and everything else and were not concerned with an afterlife. The church tried the Peace of God and the Truce of God to tamp down and hopefully end the violence. Then they tried the Crusades. They redirected all that energy.

    But crusading is not too hard of an argument to make when pilgrims are being slaughtered and your people are being attacked everywhere Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Sicily, Cyprus, Greece, the Balkans, Byzantium (not too mention all of the Middle East and North Africa).

    the Church is not as pure as the wind driven snow. There were the Borgias. I still have to read up more on that (Lucretia, Cesare, etc). But I’ll take Christianity over secularism and a lot of other stuff any day. Sikhism, and Bahai don’t look too bad either. Have not seen and non-Indian Sikhs though. Just saying.

  2. This is not the first time that Bob has spoken out on these vicious acts of terrorism, and the silence of the political and religious class.

  3. Bob is becoming more likable, he as a liberal can say these things and the left will have a hard time attacking him, he may end up leading the anti-jihad forces.

  4. @Richard

    Yes. He doesn’t even seem to be aware of the fact that you just can’t say some of the stuff he says about Islam without being torn to shreds and thrown into racist prison by the left. Every time Michelle Bachmann or Newt Gingrich says something like that they slice them up like sushi, but Bob seems to be made of Teflon. Gee! Maybe he’s not as dumb as he looks…

    You know, the moment the world decides to stop lying all the time in deference to Islam, and simply starts describing this struggle in simple honest terms, the way Bob is in the video, the Jihadis will fold up their tents and go home – because they will know that they have lost the element of surprise. They cannot beat us without the element of surprise and the suppression of the truth – they know that! We are way stronger than they are, let’s start being smarter, too…

  5. They realize that our industrial capabilities make it impossible for them to win on a battle field, for this reason they are trying to infiltrate the way the Communists did during the Cold War. I remember how anyone that talked openly about the dangers of communism was laughed at and called a fool since everyone knew there was no danger from the left. The anti-commuunist persevered and we won the Cold War, but what we didn’t win was the decommunization of the western Universities and political parties. Because of this we have the people who aided the USSR in the Cold War now helping the Moslems so they can tear down the west. If we fight hard enough and long enough we will win, if we give up and say there is no way we can win freedom will disappear from the world for several centuries.

  6. Agreed. It’s that great lump of fellow travellers, still fighting for a Soviet Union that no longer exists and a collectivist vision that has long been proven wrong, that allows all this to happen. If they would just smarten up for a minute, we would have little trouble with Muslim extremists because they would realize that their cause was hopeless and put off the Jihad for another day…

  7. You are right, the problem is that most of the Marxists are so egotistical that they think they can make socialism work where no one else has, what they ignore is that even if they make it work during their lifetime they will die and then socialism falls apart.

    Russia is back to the semi capitalism of the Czars and China is moving that way as is Nam, and according to reports from last month North Korea is moving towards a less harsh form of socialism that allows a little free enterprise.


    The question is how much freedom and money can the Kim family give the people wthout causing them to rebel for more?

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