Links and news for Aug 11 2013 – 3

1. The USA, defender of Islamic manifest destiny world wide. US demands that Sri Lanka prosecute the people who attacked the illegal mosque. (H/T M)

2. Iranian President Hassan Rowhani has appointed as his defense minister an Iranian general who was implicated in the 1983 bombing that killed 241 American servicemen in Lebanon, according to an Israeli intelligence official.

3. Egyptians Sign Petition Asking Obama To Designate His Muslim Brotherhood Friends As ‘Terrorists’

Signatures needed by August 06, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000: = 0.
Total signatures on this petition: 187,925 (H/T C.B. Sashenka)

4. Dr Stanley Takes Up Comedy Writing

(EDL counter article to this ludicrous article a few days ago.)

5. The peculiar battle over Diana West’s book review at Front page escalates.

6. Suspected lethal nerve agent discovered at JFK Airport mail facility was just nail polish remover

It was unclear why several tests at the scene produced consistent results indicating the presence of the highly lethal nerve agent VX, which kills through skin contact or inhalation and is used in weapons of mass destruction.

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  1. RE; #1 While our ‘esteemed’ diplomats are asking for arrests in Sri Lanka, it would be comforting to see them cease groveling, grow some balls and ask the governments various Muslim countries to arrest the mobs of Islamists who are perpetrating the 1400+ yr, pogrom against Christians and other Infidels.

  2. #5. The peculiar battle reveals the “respected” “scholarly” historian, Radosh’s issues relate to “inferences” from “sources” NOT even part of West’s book. Following his logic, any reader questioning the fact Radosh is woefully mistaken about Diana West’s work, can expect Radosh to dismiss those readers for similar lack of scholarship/familiarity with source not used by West. in other words, its not clear whose book was Radosh reviewing, since his criticisms don’t relate to Diana West’s book directly.

  3. re #1

    Dozens of churches burnt each week, 100,000 Christians killed each year by Muslims, and this president is concerned about an illegal mosque.


    Russia, defender of Christianity

    Two articles, one in French one in English, on Vladimir Putin are a reminder to Americans that we have voluntarily taken the path to cultural deterioration, while Russia is attempting to restore her traditions and foster prosperity. How far the Russians are willing or able to go in this seemingly spontaneous, popularly endorsed and pro-Christian reaction to the dismantlement of the Communist State, is not yet known, but it appears that they want to pick up the pieces of their lives and their civilization right where they left off one hundred years ago.


    Putin: Western leaders should unite against Christian persecution

    It can be read the Washington Times that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has made a long overdue step forward in the battle against the worldwide brutal persecution of Christians. After a Christian is killed every five minutes for his faith – each year more than 100,000 – the silence of the lambs most politicians in this country [Germany] is a demonstration of moral bankruptcy anyway. However, in light of the fact on the “hit list” of the worst Christian-persecuting countries, nine are Moslem, among the worst 50 are 38 Moslem countries, looking away is defined as not wanting to alienate oneself with the world power of Islam, most of all nit with the oil, gas and money effervesces our way from the Arabs.

    (By Michael Stürzenberger)

    Putin, though, doesn’t appear to let himself be corrupted like Merkel who exults over the intense arms business with the Arab world, most of all with Qatar. Thus, one likes to look away from the Christian persecution, even if this country is one of the greatest supporters of terror on the earth and feeds Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Hamas with billions of dollars so that they can carry out their murderous handiwork against “infidels.” And of course, a citizen’s petition against a European Center for Islam in Munich financed by this lawless country causes trouble here. Putin, on the other hand, has rejected a bribe offer of weapons purchase worth billions by Saudi Arabia, which should definitely let him get out of the support for Assad. In this regard, the man shows stability, morals, uprightness and character because if Assad falls, the next monstrous country of islamic terror is born with Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabists and Salafists, and then hundreds of thousands of Christians are in mortal danger.

  4. Putin says leaders should unite to end anti-Christian persecution

    These stories are nothing new. Horrific persecution of Christians has been widespread since new converts were fed to the lions in the Roman Empire. What is surprising is that these are the kinds of stories that were coming out of Russia not long ago, when atheism was the official doctrine of the Soviet Union and twenty-year-old Ivan Moiseyev was beaten to death in the Red Army.

    What’s changed since then? Putin hinted at it when he said the church in Russia had been a “moral compass” to many who were looking for help, hinting at the recent century of misery and struggle that the Russian people have endured. He also acknowledged the role that the church has played in “culture and education,” adding, “The adoption of Christianity became a turning point in the fate of our fatherland.”


    Why is the Russian leadership suddenly recognizing the priceless value to their nation of the Christian virtues they condemned for so many years? It’s simple. The Russian people have learned the hard way about the cultural devastation and decline that results from the rejection of the happy principles that have bolstered the western world for so many centuries.

    Russia is a nation that has tasted of the fruit of the self-destructive anti-ethical policies that so much of the western world has come to label “progressive.”

    Read more:

    This article is a MUST READ.

  5. #! and #3 Obahma will support the islamists every chance he gets, he hates the west and all we stand for.

    For a fine example of the difference between Obama and Putin, for sport Obama golfs and rides a bike with a protective helmet, Putin goes wild boar hunting.

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