Links and news for Aug 8 2013 – 2

1. Moon wars: Muslim scholars clash with space observatory over lunar calendar

“If Allah does not renew the moon, how can people know about it in advance? How can they guess? Like the observatory, they can perform calculations using mathematical calculations, and this is only possible together with us,” Nurullah said.

2. The new leader of Iran seems to be bragging on how they fooled us all in terms of nuclear weapons development.

Story link  Clarion Proj.

Related video:

2. Richard Dawkins annoying religious folk with his tweets. But it is interesting about Islam, Nobel prizes and Trinity College.

(I added the following comment under the article. Best to read the article first though)

“depending on how narrowly you define it”

How droll. Of course the new left has redefined race to mean any group they want to hold above criticism as the cry of ‘racism’ is such a powerful rhetorical weapon.

Islam is not a race if one defines race as a race. If you define race as a commonly held set of beliefs then the Republican party is also a race and their values and views should be above criticism and any attempt to disparage Reagan, Bush, Nixon even, should be considered racist and the people who hold those disparaging views, to mock or otherwise hold these Republican icons in contempt, should be summarily punished.

It was not ‘nice’ to fight the Nazis and it was not ‘nice’ to fight the communists but fight them we did and fight them we must. Same goes for Islam. It isn’t nice but it beats hell out of the alternative.

3. BBC: Another homicide bomber in Pakistan kills many people at funeral of policeman.

(Video voice over attempts to make it ironic that it happened at a time related to Ramadan. Falls short of saying religion or time of peace though.)

4. Bang! Editor fired after publishing gun-owner map.

(She should have been jailed)

The Rockland editor said she felt threatened by the complaints, but local police didn’t believe there was a credible threat. McBride and other executives then decided to hire armed guards to protect their property, the Times reported, “causing an uproar due to the perceived hypocrisy of the avowed anti-gun editors hiring gun-toting men.”


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  1. #1 After saying things like this how can they expect any intelligent person take anything they say seriously?

    First #2 I hope a lot of people are paying attention.

    #4 I agree she should be in the pen, unfortunately the left doesn’t think what she did was a crime so they will prevent her being punished the way she should.

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