Links and news for Aug. 8 2013 – 1

1. UK has fastest growing population in Europe

Britain has the fastest growing population in Europe, boosted by immigration and an accelerating baby boom, according to official figures.

But who’s baby boom?

2. Men on a motorcycle threw acid at two British girls in Zanzibar

They had been volunteering at a local school in Zanzibar, an island that is popular with international tourists but has suffered a wave of deadly protests last year as supporters of an Islamist group repeatedly clashed with the police.

3. “Girls married 60 times before 18” – Egypt’s Child Sex Tourism

(Temporary marriages. Not just for Shiia anymore!)

4. Foreign Policy Magazine has some interesting articles on rising tensions due to the (likely ISI inspired) attack on Indian Kashmir this week. The article is behind a firewall but I mention it as it may be worth doing some googling on the subject. Like Mumbai, this was likely a Pakistani attack planned and financed from the ISI and now of course, they are denying it. Bush managed to convince India not to respond after the major ISI attack on Bombay some years ago now, but I wonder if Obama will have the same clout.

5. Another interesting article on the closeness that exists between man and dog. Yawning is contagious between us if its your dog.

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  1. Re #2, via UK Mirror, report on the two identified 18 year old female teaching volunteers in Zanzibar who suffered the acid attack
    I think the Mirror provides the most updated article online complete with photos/video.

    The girls are believed to have escaped serious disfigurement because they ran to the sea in desperation to rinse the acid from their bodies.

    “The girls were accosted by two men on a moped. The men poured this liquid and ran away. The girls managed to get first aid very fast and were taken to hospital for further treatment.

    “The doctors said the injuries are relatively minor. There is discoloration but they are not expected to be scarred. They are very lucky in that respect.”

    One of the British teenagers attacked with acid in Zanzibar was assaulted in the street weeks earlier for “singing during Ramadan”.

    Last night’s horrific assault came at the end of the Muslim holy month of fasting of Ramadan, and as people began to celebrate the Eid holiday.

    Just weeks earlier, Katie Gee, from London, claimed she was attacked in the street by a Muslim woman for singing during the religious festival.

    The teenager tweeted: “A Muslim woman just hit me in the street for singing on Ramadan. Is that normal?” [includes screen cap of tweet]

    Yet, motive remains unknown to authorities . . .uh huh. They are getting right on it!
    Quote from MyFox8:

    “““The motive for the incident is as yet not known and we will await the report from the local authorities in Zanzibar before any comment can be made,” the statement said. “The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us and our own investigation will be launched as soon as it is possible to do so.”

    As soon as it is possible to investigate? ? ?
    Sounds like this UNESCO World Heritage Site on Zanzibar, “Stone Town” a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania popular with tourists is quickly transforming into another Muslim run, sharia enforced no-go zone. Center of 19th century slave trade embraces it’s slavers with devout emulation of and submission to(ISLAM) & the prophet of slavery.

  2. Anyone ever seen Adio Africa? There is a great scene in it where some Helo’s smack down some fleeing Slavers. Macabre but it seems the Tanzanian Army were not thorough.

  3. 2/ Typical Muslim, chemistry is not their strong point. That’s probably why the acid wasn’t strong enough to do too much damage, fortunately.
    It’s just something that Muslims are crap at, like most things, but when it comes to being sick, twisted and cowardly then they are experts. In fact any man who feels the need to throw acid in a woman’s face is not a real man, just a disgusting weaselly piece of shit. I for one would love to find the culprit who did this and give him the kicking of his life!

  4. The UK Daily Mail posts the following recent troubling history of Zanzibar:

    Police is Zanzibar said the acid attack on the two women is the first ever on tourists on the island.

    But it comes amid rising tensions between Muslims and Christians.

    In November, Muslim leader, Sheikh Fadhil Suleiman Soraga, was hospitalised with acid burns.

    Two Christian leaders were killed early this year in separate attacks.
    In February, Catholic priest Father Evaristus Mushi was shot dead by two men on motorcycles on the last day of a festival promoting religious tolerance.

    The Bishop of Zanzibar said members of the clergy are terrified of further attacks.

    Five churches were also torched last year.

    A separatist group in Zanzibar, Uamsho (Awakening), is pushing for the archipelago to exit from its 1964 union with mainland Tanzania, which is ruled as a secular country.

    Uamsho wants to introduce Islamic Sharia law in Zanzibar.
    Supporters of the group have engaged in running street battles with the police in the past, but authorities have not linked the group with the attacks on Christian clerics.

    Also from the Daily Mail report, an academic needs to define terrorism before dismissing it:

    Dr Mike Jennings, a lecturer at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, said Muslim group called Uamsho, which translates as ‘The Awakening’, was a political rather than terrorist organisation and had no known links to Al Qaeda.

    He said they want an independent Zanzibar and to introduce Islamic law on the island.

    Dr Jennings said: ‘It is political with a religious tone. Some people see it is as terrorism, but I don’t think it is.

    ‘Maybe this group was behind the attack, although it is too early to say.’
    The majority of islanders are Muslim, with Christians making up as little as five per cent of the population.”

  5. via

    Senior officers aim to question an Islamist preacher, Sheikh Issa Ponda Issa, who has spent time in Zanzibar exhorting young audiences to demonstrate “like in Egypt.”

    “He has been going around telling youth that they must stage endless demonstrations and protests like in Egypt to disrupt the government and show that he has power,” an officer based in Stone Town said.

    Police officials in Zanzibar, which is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, had speculated that there would be some outbreaks of violence during the end of Ramadan, particularly during the Eid holiday, which is when the attack occurred. “

    Viewed “Addio Africa” last week when someone mentioned it. Thanks again.

  6. Time for some juicy explosion! End of Ramadan, beginning of Eid…Who cares… Blood *must* flow in streams!

    Pakistan Quetta suicide bomber kills at least 28 people (BBC, Aug 8, 2013)
    “A suicide bombing at a funeral for a policeman in south-western Pakistan has killed at least 28 people including a senior police officer, police say.

    They say that the blast in Quetta, capital of Balochistan, also wounded at least 50 people.

    Quetta police chief Mir Zubair Mehmood told the AP news agency that the bomber detonated his explosives just before the funeral service was about to start…”

  7. 1. UK has fastest growing population in Europe

    The baby is the fastest way to Welfare. Socialnazism at work.

    2. Men on a motorcycle threw acid at two British girls in Zanzibar

    If it were ‘men on acid threw motorcycle’, it would be news.

    3. ”Girls married 60 times before 18? – Egypt’s Child Sex Tourism

    Proving AIDS is contracted between married couples and fornication is safe-sex.

    4. Foreign Policy Magazine has some interesting articles on rising tensions due to the (likely ISI inspired) attack on Indian Kashmir this week.

    You say Urdu I say Hindi
    You say murdu, They say mindi
    reccurdu, reccindi
    adeu Andji,
    Lets call the whole thing love…

    5. Another interesting article on the closeness that exists between man and dog. Yawning is contagious between us if its your dog.

    So is sniffing your finger.


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