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  1. Typical Francophone psycho babble. French women talk too much, as usual. Yap Yap Yap, with no end in sight. They always end up talking to no one but themselves…

  2. She is right to respond. Attacking a nations symbols is a very common method of subversion, designed to weaken the will of citizens to resist foreign aggression.

    Am I being to extreme? Nope. The terrorist symp herself linked this to islamic aggression. Her “argument” is saying if you are less patriotic than people won’t try to take over your country. That’s pretty ridiculous.

    It’s like saying if you don’t want to be attacked you should tell everyone that you don’t want to defend yourself. And we all know how predators respond to the weak and defenseless.

    The Green party member is a traitor and engaged in a military act of treason on behalf of whoever thinks of themselves as an enemy of France. It may be a behavior that’s legal but it’s treason in intent.

  3. I think this lady has gone crazy. She needs to speak to some muslim and understand the high values of peace and tolerance preached in Islam. She is more right wing than the extreme right wing. If given a chance she would prefer to throw all muslims into a dustbin.

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