BBC and the Boston Marathon Attack.

The BBC seems to operate on the axiom that a half truth is the most effective of lies.

The attack on the marathon was an act of Islamic jihad. The Nazis loved Islam and there was a close alliance. The fact that he was also fascinated with Nazism is part and parcel of Islamic antisemitism and sense of manifest destiny. This BBC documentary is typical of what we have come to expect of government sponsored media everywhere. That the real cause of Islamic terror is right wing extremism concurrent with awful American/Right wing surveillance of mosques and Islamic groups just because it is pretty much always them doing these actions.

Privatize the BBC and CBC. There is no excuse for this kind of leftist propaganda at our own expense.

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  1. Straight to paradise… Or hell… Or simply oblivion…

    Syrian rebels ‘killed in army ambush near Damascus’ (BBC, Aug 7, 2013)
    “More than 60 rebel fighters have been killed in an ambush by the Syrian army, a monitoring group says.

    The rebels were killed in a dawn ambush near the town of Adra, east of Damascus, the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

    “At least 62 rebels fell as martyrs, most of them youths,” the group said.

    The state news agency Sana confirmed that “dozens” of rebels had been killed, and said they were from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

    Sana said the rebels’ machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenades were confiscated…”

  2. Some minor progress over in Switzerland and leftist loons are already already whining. One day this loon-ish leftism will be our doom.

    Outrage as Swiss move to segregate asylum-seekers (BBC, Aug 7, 2013)
    “Some Swiss towns plan to keep asylum-seekers away from public places such as swimming pools, playing fields and libraries, in a move human rights groups say is racist.

    The curbs are aimed at preventing tensions with residents, officials say.

    Asylum-seekers are to be housed in special centres, mainly former army barracks, and the first one has opened in the town of Bremgarten.

    Switzerland’s share of asylum-seekers is well above the European average.

    Asylum laws were tightened in June…”

  3. Panorama are making a banal point. It’s quite sad as the info they have researched is somewhat useful to convey. Mien Kampf is a gateway text to terrorism. The inability of the producer to separate this factor from anti immigrant sentiment or other conservative profiles (yes even redneck racism). Is a travesty.

  4. British Broadcasting Corporation.

    “Our mission: To enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain.
    Our vision: To be the most creative organisation in the world.”

    The Royal Charter:
    – sustaining citizenship and civil society
    – promoting education and learning
    – stimulating creativity and cultural excellence
    – representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities
    – bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK
    – in promoting its other purposes, helping to deliver to the public the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services and, in addition, taking a leading role in the switchover to digital television.

    Did it say “we strive to bring truthful and unbiased news from around the world”?

    No. 1: “Sustaining citizenship and civil society.” And do this creatively.

    It’s told you it’s going to be all things to all people. It’s a pacifier. And you’re paying for it.

  5. It was a reasonable documentary.

    They did not disclose why he was reading white supremacist literature. Surely the Crazy Ass Crackers who Idol worship Isa are the enemy? Right?

  6. The left will move heaven and earth to keep public funding for any media source now funded, they don’t want people to realize just how few people get their news from the biased sources.

  7. “Reasonable”? I got all the way to 02.12 before breathing shut me down. You can learn to function while crying, breathing shuts you down.

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