Links and news for Aug 7 2013 – 3

1. Buy a girl a drink, go straight to jail No one should be in trouble except the woman. Not the bar, not the man. That is, unless you think women are not capable of making their own decisions. 

2. This is from Syria today. Caution: This is like watching the last scene of Hamlet performed at the special olympics.

3. This one however, has no humour at all. This is some jihadi carving up some man. I can’t even watch it all. It also is from Syria 2 days ago. For people who want to see the horror there, here it is. For those planning to eat later today, don’t click.

4. Large numbers of Jewish people leave France for Israel recently. Cite Muslims and general antisemitism.

5. Bomb threat aboard flight from Ireland US Air

Passengers evacuated as FBI probe bomb threat on flight from Shannon

6. More Christians killed in Syria

7. Bomber kills loads of children at soccer game in Pakistan


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  1. If I remember correctly if a person does something that leads to someone dying even indirectly they are guilty of negligent homicide. I don’t know how often this is used against people but I think it is still on the books in all states.

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