Links and News for Aug 6 2013 – 2

1. For the Muslim Dr. files. Doctor secretly filmed female patients during medical examinations, court told.

Suhail Ahmed pleaded guilty to 11 counts of voyeurism after admitting filming at least eight different women while he was working a hospital last year

2. Oslo police have arrested more Romanian nationals than Norwegians this year for burglary, car-theft, pick-pocketing and other property crimes.  

(And yet the percentage of ‘Romanians’ in Norway I would gather, is small.)

3. Call for Muslim veil ban in French universities

France could be set to go a step further in its ban on the wearing of religious symbols in state schools. A new report has recommended banning the Islamic headscarf and other religious symbols in the country’s universities, a French newspaper claimed on Monday.

France has been urged to consider extending its contentious 2004 ban on Muslim headscarves in schools by also forbidding students from wearing the garments in the country’s universities, French newspaper Le Monde claimed on Monday.

4. Texas justice! Couple abducted and forced to rob bank, shoots captors with concealed carry. 

Under Texas’ self defense laws, it’s highly unlikely that the victim will face charges in the shooting. Police are still interviewing witnesses and other individuals in connection with the case.

5. Maj. Hasan: Evidence will show ‘I am the shooter’    

(This may be the strangest criminal trial in US history. The defense will try and prove that in fact he did it, and his motive was Islamic Jihad. The prosecution will do everything possible to show he didn’t and it wasn’t. This trial may not ever make it as a movie of the week. But it would make a stellar episode of South Park or Futurama.)

The 42-year-old Hasan had wanted to argue that he shot U.S. troops to protect Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. But the judge forbade the American-born Muslim from using that defense.

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  1. #3 The countries that banned the Burka and veil etc were all muslim countries because they knew that it’s an extreme radical political statement, and not really an expression of religious freedom.

    For one thing when a woman is wearing it she is saying:

    “I’m too good to be raped, BUT YOU AREN’T.”

  2. Re: Call for Muslim veil ban in French universities

    Great idea. In fact, we should start being open about the wearing of any Muslim identification clothing, on the principle that Islam is at war with us.

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