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13 Replies to “‘Al-Quds’ day toronto. Give the jews 2 minutes to get out, then start shooting”

  1. Ug everyeone despises those anti zionist jewish Kapos. Not just becaue they’re traitors and overly suicidally argumentative fantasiststs. They’re not anti zionist but believe jews should wait until the massiah comes back and gives Israel to to them- so they should just flobble around until then.

    They fail to see that the Israelis reconquista of Israel MAKES them collectively the massiah (I’m being rhetorical, not religious).

    These kapos represent the weakness, fear and contemtable passivity that people, especially antisemites associate with jews.

    It was exactly guys like this that made Hitler think he could kill them all.

    And Arabs like them too because they justify their contempt. As far as arabs are concearned these guys aren’t on their side, they’re just jews who know their place.

  2. Ding dong, ding dong,
    Ramadan is a big bomb!

    Iraq violence: Car bombs in and around Baghdad kill 41 (BBC, Aug 6, 2013)
    “A series of bomb attacks in and around the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, have left at least 41 people dead, officials say.

    The deadliest explosion killed 10 in a village northwest of Baghdad.

    More than 90 others were wounded by six car bomb blasts, which targeted markets and shopping streets in different parts of the city on Tuesday.

    A wave of violence has swept Iraq in the past six months, with Sunni Islamist militant groups mostly targeting Shia Muslim districts…”

  3. Separatists – shmeparatists… Id bet a dollar or two those were surely not Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, secularists, etc. In my view this goes under the Bombathon rulez.

    Pakistan Baloch gunmen kill 13 bus passengers (BBC, Aug 6, 2013)
    “Separatist Baloch gunmen say that they have killed at least 13 bus passengers in the south-west of Pakistan. They told BBC Urdu they had abducted 26 passengers and shot half of them dead because they had military or security credentials. The militants blocked the road on which at least two buses were travelling, officials say, and the bodies of the 13 were found nearby…”

  4. Really looks like Bombathon is peaking.

    Kashmir: Five Indian soldiers killed in shooting (BBC, Aug 6, 2013)
    “Five Indian soldiers have been shot dead in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, the chief minister of the disputed region says.

    India’s army accused Pakistan over the incident, saying troops had “entered the Indian area and ambushed” an army patrol in the Poonch area.

    A Pakistani military official told the BBC that “no fire took place” from their side…”

  5. Those are the Neturei Karta Jews who don’t believe Israel should exist for religious reasons. They are crackpots led by Rabbi Ysroel Dovid Weiss of NY. He has come to speak at UC Irvine a couple of times. He is a true crackpot. He even goes to Iran to break bread with Ahmadinejad.

  6. Neturei Karta are traitors. Imagine your standing listening to a speech where the speaker is advocating killing Jews. You’re a Jew standing there with your thumb up your a— listening to a filthy anti-Semitic diatribe about killing Jews. Neturei Karta is a Cult like Jim Jones or Hail bob Comet.

  7. That Quisling/sTrolls must be Shatmars. That subset of ultra-Orthodox has engaged in a program of denigration the Jewish State for a very long time. So strong is their hatred for the State of Israel that they joined in with Ahmadinejad and attended his “Holocaust Never Happened” lie-fest. Many see the Holocaust as providing the final impetus to the creation of Israel, so the Shatmars willingly join in with Jew-haters.

  8. It should be mentioned though, that if a cult ever existed that said, just for example, that Constantinople should be given back to the Greeks and if it truly belonged to Allah it would be given to them when the Mahdi returns, well, we know what would happen to them. Muslims would make sure that cult was wiped out and even the memory of the cult and all evidence of it would be destroyed for all time. Muslims have their cause and effect in order. First you wage jihad, then god gets what you stole for him. Sort of.

    Even so, it is a kind of testament to the Jewish people that they allow a nightgown wearing, tire hatted enemy of the state of Israel and the Jewish people to masquerade like that and likely enjoy all rights and perfect safety while in Israel, by the very people they seek to destroy.

  9. They look a lot like Satmar Chasidim, which must really burn the Satmar. As Gary & Doc Holiday say, these are crackpots & traitors.

    But the fact is, anti-Zionist Jews are much more widespread than you’d imagine. They still fast & mourn the 9 of Av: there can be no Israel until the Messiah comes.

    Families have been torn apart because of this different world view. You don’t often hear of this because decent people wash dirty laundry privately.

  10. Almost perfect safety, Eeyore.
    Little boys still pull their beards on sabbath. And when they’re on a plane, getting up to pray in every time zone, big girls make sure to bump into them in the aisle. Stumbling, managing to comtaminate by touch as many as possible.
    They cringe, “What if she’s on the rag?!” Makes them dirty, suffer flesh-crawling torment until they can hit the nearest ritual bath.

  11. @ yucki

    “”What if she’s on the rag?”

    Fighting dirty are we? Well they certainly deserve it. I like it. The mental anguish they may put themselves thru would be exquisite. Not that I would ever rub that in or remind them of their obligations.

    It is one thing to be Jewish. It is another to so supposedly observant that your whole life is an unbearable imposition on the rest of society. From the fact that they exempt themselves from military service in Israel to the fact that they are so pious that they cannot work for a living to the rock throwing if someone gets lost and drives thru their neighbor hood during the Sabbath.

    I certainly thin the Amish and certain other pacifist Christian denomination get a free ride on the back of society when it comes to national defense. But have the Amish ever been as much of a pain in the butt as the ultra-Orthodox Jews?

  12. Typical of Neturei Karta. Nothing new. I’d say “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn…”

    Some people are beyond help, particularly doctrinal puritans. There’s no reasoning with such people.

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