One of Morsi’s prime dickheads captured by anti-Morsi protestors and treated very well by Egyptian standards.

When watching this, its worth remembering the literally hundreds of videos of Morsi and Brotherhood supporters who tore people apart in the streets, lynched them in public and slowly and painfully, all with Islamic justification. These guys indulge in a little public ridicule but remember, he was a very public and assertive demander of sharia for all.


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3 Replies to “One of Morsi’s prime dickheads captured by anti-Morsi protestors and treated very well by Egyptian standards.”

  1. EGYPT- Senators McCain and Graham call for release of Egyptian Islamists;

    Presdiential spokesman El-Muslimani says ‘foreign pressure has exceeded international standards’

    […]Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham spoke after meeting with top military and civilian leaders in Cairo as part of a flurry of international efforts to resolve a standoff between the government and supporters of the ousted president, Mohamed Morsi.

    McCain said “we urge the release of political prisoners,” referring to Brotherhood members who were detained after the military ousted Morsi, an Islamist, a month ago.

    “In democracy, you sit down and talk to each other,” Graham said, adding, “it is impossible to talk to somebody who is in jail.”

    Graham warned that US-Egyptian relations might otherwise be harmed.

    US and other international officials have urged the inclusion of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood in the political process going forward.

    Top Egyptian officials said reconciliation is a priority but only after the Brotherhood renounces violence. They cite sectarian violence in southern Egypt, cases of torture of anti-Morsi protesters and the blocking of main roads.,-Egypt-unhap.aspx

  2. Egyptian govt rejects McCain’s ‘clumsy’ statements on Morsi’s ouster

    Spokesman for Egyptian presidency denounces statement by US Senator John McCain Monday describing Morsi’s ouster as a military coup

    An Egyptian presidential aide rejected statements by US Senator John McCain describing the popularly-backed military overthrow of Mohamed Morsi as a coup d’etat.

    “John McCain is distorting facts. His clumsy statements are unacceptable in form and substance,” presidential aide Ahmed El-Muslimani told Ahram Arabic website Monday evening.

    McCain, who made the comments at a press conference in Cairo on Monday, is the first US official visiting Egypt to refer to the removal of Morsi as a military coup. Secretary of State John Kerry said last week that the Egyptian army had “restored democracy” and averted civil war by deposing the Islamist president.

    A source from Egypt’s foreign ministry told state news agency MENA that Egypt’s interim foreign minister Nabil Fahmy was dismayed at McCain’s statements and that the ministry is preparing an official response.

    McCain expressed concerns during a news conference in Cairo earlier on Monday over the country’s political process, saying the US “cannot support Egypt that is not moving to a democracy.”

    US Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham visited Egypt to take part in mediation efforts between Egypt’s political rivals following Morsi’s ouster.

    McCain also urged that senior Brotherhood figures who have been detained since the 3 July ouster of Morsi be released.

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