Links and news for Aug 5 2013 – 2

1. Afghanistan bombathon 2013 continues with 5 dead in car explosion. 

2. Ahmadinejad appointed to top Iran council

(The Islamic regime of Iran. ‘Recycling evil since 1979’)

3. Germany: Muslims break in to home of couple and beat unborn child to death to enforce sharia

The ‘punishment action’ for allegedly immoral behavior occurred last week, on Friday. The 38-year-old leader of the Islamists has enforced ‘traditional values??’ of Islam on several occasions in the area, according to police interrogation records.

4. Iran’s feast of hate (So much for moderation)

(I am reliably informed that the author of this article, Amir Taheri, is very well respected and thorough.)

5. Turkey Court Jails Ex-Generals for Plotting Coup Against Erdogan

6. Orthodox jews stopped from forcibly moving women by police. Riot ensues.


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7 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 5 2013 – 2”

  1. 3. “Brandenburg, Germany” full sharia law and the government is complaint? there must be more to this story

    From this paper it does put it the same way.

    “According to police records, the also unidentified 38-year-old leader of the Islamist morality patrol has a history of enforcing Muslim traditional values on several occasions in the local area.

    Focus News uncovered the ringleader apparently belongs to the radical Chechen movement Kavkazskiy Emirat (Caucasus Emirate).”

    It just happens so charges might not have been submitted yet

  2. Re: Orthodox jews stopped from forcibly moving women by police. Riot ensues.

    As long as Orthodox Jews were not mentioned, my mind keot thinking of Muslims.These guys seem to be as bad as Muslims, bar suicide bombing.

  3. In some ways yes. I think if the numbers were high enough we would find them sufficiently obnoxious. I do not think however that they believe in killing non-believers. But being dicks to them for sure.

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