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10 Replies to “Black Kids Beat Younger White Kid, Break His Arm, Rob Him, GULFPORT FLORIDA”

  1. I read an article in Discover magazine on morality a few years back. Basically, the scientists argued there was some genetic basis for morality. There were 2 caveats. Although there was a firm right and wrong, there were 2 caveats. The 1st was morality functioned “in group”. The second was that while there was a general right and wrong there was some wiggle room.

    We have all seen the poor treatment when people treat others as out group. People in most groups are guilty of it. But whereas some groups have gotten better at treating other some have not.

    I think Islam is one such group. If we were all Muslim there would be a problem. If we were all Sunni there would still be a problem. I think it is codified in the Koran. If there is competition for resource. If there is need, if there is merely envy, then a “distinction” will be made and there will be jihad. Someone won;t be Muslim or they won;t be Muslim enough. Which is why I think if that caliphate comes to pass, mankind is not getting off this rock and it is the end of Mankind.

    If a Caliph does pull it together and promotes, space travel, upon 1st contact any intelligent alien race will recognize earthlings for what they have become and do the universe a favor

  2. Now just imagine that this young victim had a gun and shot these thugs. Would these big Black thugs automatically become sons of Obama? Would the race hucksters be crying for justice for these feral Black thugs?

    What I see time and time again, is the unrestrained violence of Blacks. It does not matter if they are in America, Europe or Africa. There seems to be no restraint in the violence, and that means no empathy for humans as humans. In Africa it means genocides of the very worst sort i.e., person to person, looking in the face, humans hacking to death other humans

  3. Folks, if you’re ever on any form of public transit and you happen to get attacked you can expect the same kind of help this kid got, namely, none whatsoever. For the last 50 years, the social engineers have been pushing the idea that “vigilantism” is always wrong and that the only way to fight against crime is to call 9/11 and wait for a unionized, government employee to come and sort things out for you, never to pull a John Wayne and step up yourself. That bus driver knew that if he were to touch one precious little hair on the heads of any of those vicious little animals, there would be hell to pay, and he would never be treated fairly by the press, the law, or the public. Remember, George Zimmerman was attacked by a black teenager just a few years older than the ones in this video, and he is now running for his life with little chance of surviving the year – once Obama put that fatwa out on him. Helter Skelter, man.. Charlie turned out to be right after all….

  4. @ Chris

    As I am sure you have pointed out , Libtards want people to use public transportation. People will willingly use public transportation to save money except for the fact of crime.

    Another day another libtard denial of reality, failure to solve societal problems and trying to pound square pegs in round holes.

  5. When an Arresting Officer meets these particular black kids she has to treat them differently that to say, Chinese fine-arts students. To speak Klingon and know their codes of non verbal language. You then don’t stick them in a cell with normal people while they await charging. It is non-racial profiling. All the officer does is a street test. Ask some simple questions from a flip-out book and observe the answers. They do such tests for narcotics, so why not intelligence tests that cannot be prejudiced?

    In an ideal world, you would offer people to go to different countries of their choice. There would be Capitalist World, a continent where if you lived and you would have to graft for your income to attain a more comfortable lifestyle. Socialist World where you would indulge your mediocrity of grouping everyone by ethnicity, color, gender, sexual-disorientation and Milquetoast religion for fairness. Religious Worlds where one Religion dominates over all. And Communist World where every belly is fed and employment guaranteed. Lesbian and Gay Worlds died out every generation and had to be replenished with young blood. Theirs was the most spiritual of all creations.

    Then if people wanted to travel to a new continent, they were profiled by their higher brain functioning to be accepted into it or not. Religious Worlds and Communist World did not let any out, but welcomed many from Socialist World as did Lesbian and Gay World receive their Born Again immigrants.

    On Capitalist World, many tried to exploit their psychological attributes, but none were protected when they went bust, so they all went drifting back to Socialist World and then to radical worlds who welcomed them with open arms.

    The human cycle. And on the Eighth Day, God rested, as she was beyond all understanding and comprehension.

    Mind how you go.

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