Muslims spike the ball with victory mosque approval at Ground Zero NYC

1. Mosque near 9/11 site likely to go ahead despite rightwing fury


A plan to build a mosque and a Muslim community centre within two blocks of Ground Zero cleared a major hurdle today amid an intensifying groundswell of opposition from rightwing pundits and politicians.

The $100m project would see a 13-storey centre, with prayer space, swimming pool and restaurant, rise in Park Place, just north of the World Trade Centre where al-Qaida terrorists struck on 11 September 2001.

Perhaps its time. Perhaps in the spirit of, ‘if you can’t beat them join them’, we should express how much we appreciate and have learned from Islam, and start treating Muslims and especially the ones who show this kind of contempt for us, the same way Muslims treat everyone else all over the world where numbers allow.

Which begs the question I ask from time to time…

If I say that I want for Islam exactly what Islam wants for us.

If I say I feel about Islam exactly what it feels for me and everyone like me.

If I say we should treat muslims as their religion teaches they should treat everyone else…

Have I committed a hate crime?

Ah the leftists dilemma.


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8 Replies to “Muslims spike the ball with victory mosque approval at Ground Zero NYC”

  1. Funny thing about the name “Park51”.

    The last name of the place was chosen because it had dual meanings. The imam claimed that Cordoba was a symbol of interfaith fellowship when in reality it is considered to be significant of conquest and subjugation of Europe.

    The second name was Park51. Ostensibly the name of the street. But people like Mr. Rauf who like to use double meanings 51 has another meaning. It is one of the most famous chapters of the Koran and is about… Wait… For… It…


    Not just jihad but AIRBORN JIHAD!!!!

    The title of chapter 51 is THE WINNOWING WIND. As in wind that hits wheat, removing the chaff and thus “purifying” it.

    It has such lines as “They saw the fireball” And “There was nothing left but dust.” And “they could not respond”.

    And “They were a sinful nation”.

    And my favorite: “We sent the fatal wind against them.”

    That’s why the Terrorist Rauf gave it the name Park51. It’s a nod to other terrorism supporters.

    Now the place would not be an actual fortress. It would rather than being a place of violence, become a headquarters for subvrsion, a style of psychological warfare that Mr. Rauf has shown the world he is very adept at.

    The purpose of subversion is to make the enemy neurotic about the agressor so “They could not respond.”

    A typical subversive attack is to say something increadibly offensive with a neutral face and tone of voice. Rauf does that.

    Another typical attack is to do something that has 2 opposing meanings. When people complain about the 1st obvious meaning the subversive responds by saying they thought that because there is something inherrently wrong about them as people. Not just that they’re wrong but that there is something wrong with them.

    Those two things comprise Rauf’s gameplay throuought the GZM narrative.

    The fact that he reacted the way he did and with so much odd behavior SHOWS he views his purpose in this country as that of a subversive – to engage in psychological warfare so as to weaken our resistance to terrorism. He is literally working in conjunction with Al Quada.

    He belongs in Guantanamo bay.

    I’m not being a cranky resentful whack job. If he was building a mosque and bullheaded about it then he would just be a selfish jerk and that’s perfectly fine. Especially in New York where you can’t get anything done unless you are a bullheaded jerk. But his behavior and choice of tactics from beginning to end shows he is not just stubborn but started the whole enterprise with a strategy to cause agrievement in order to exploit it to attempt to alienate opponents of islamic supremicy from the general public – thus easing the way for further islamic supremicism.

    Yup. Guantanamo bay. Or better yet on a one way trip to Uzbekistan.

  2. That wasn’t said lightly and wasn’t wishfull thinking. According to military law propogandists and subversives, when encountered in the field of operations, are to be considered the enemy and treated accorgingly. That doesn’t necessarily mean shot, but the military legal code I read on the subject didn’t specify specific treatment. I assume it means arrest them.

    But the home country isn’t considered to be the field of operations for the military. So it’s a matter for law enforcement – but different laws apply- and enemy subversives like Rauf exploit that – just like the communists did during the cold war.

  3. All you Anglicans and lapsed Catholics in NYC… Get thee to your churches and your cathedrals and repent! The lord of host is not with you at this moment in history.

    The Mosque is a moment of deep humilation. It’s a victory lap for these hostiles.

  4. I thought this scumbag was broke and the landlords wanted their land back? WTF happened to all that? Have his masters, the Saudis decided to cough up the loot? Is lawfare being used against the good guys?

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