Links and news for Aug 1 2013 – 3

1. Five muslims charged for violent disorder offenses in the UK. One of them, the man who punched Tommy R during an interview with Mr. Robinson for TV.

2. Scrubbing the Islam out of Islamic murder, racism and terror, Wikipedia deletes inconvenient history of anti British racially motivated murder.

To add to the intrigue, the same fastidious editors who deleted “Gavin Hopley” also removed entries relating to several other savage murders of whites by non-whites: Richard Whelan, Mary Ann Leneghan, Charlene Downes, etc. Here are some of the Wikipedia comments on those deletions: “Sad to say, murder is far too common to confer notability on its victims”; “We really don’t want articles on every single crime”.

For those who don’t know, Charlene Downs of course, was a British child,  forced into sexual slavery by muslims and when she seemed ready to go to authorities was killed and cut up and served to people in Kababs. The people who did this were awarded several thousand pounds sterling for some kind of police infraction during the investigation. Meanwhile, a black woman who’s child was killed by racists becomes a peer.

3. More missile depots etc. blow up in Syria. Many Assad soldiers killed.

4 A police chief who has attitudes I can respect and support even if he doesn’t quite state it like Shakespeare or Jefferson. More videos at the link

5. Speculation that Washington may be accidentally or deliberately, causing a Syrian-Israeli war through leaked info of Israeli strikes against Syrian weapons depots. (H/T Golem Bar)

6. Snowden gets second nod for Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Question: I wonder if it was by the same people who nominated Barack Obama for the same prize a few years ago? Frankly I think they should take Obama’s back and give that one to Snowdon.

7. CDC have been notified so far of the parasitic ‘Salad Sickness’ in the US

(Thank you EDL Buck, Snaphanen.Dk and many others for all your help and links today)

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