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11 Replies to “Malaysia, really ticked off about this video”

  1. What the fuck was that one all about???..Christ!!..there’s a Bluebottle in my house can do that.

  2. Chris: This trainer was putting her dogs through all the pre-prayer stuff muslims are supposed to do to annoy unbelievers in public washrooms. Like washing their feet and face etc in a ritual manner. As these are dogs, and at least one is a black dog especially hated by Mohamed but honoured by Led Zeppelin, it makes it even worse than a cartoon or a curved piece of bread. (see todays links and news #1 Aug 1)

  3. Lee:

    The issue is that the trainer made a video preparing the dogs as if for Islamic prayer. An idea so insulting to Islam that I am personally annoyed that I did not think of it myself.

  4. OK.

    Before tards lift their bums skywards for the admiration of the people behind them, they are supposed to do certain rituals such as washing the feet and face. In this video, the dog trainer does the rituals to her dogs. Now muslims hate dogs. So they got offended by this video and arrested the woman who made it. Personally I am just angry I didn’t think of it myself.

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