US Army helping muslims with their Ramadan gluttony festival.

It needs to be mentioned, that the month of Ramadan and dates, are only “holy” if you are muslim. If you are not, then it is just a foreign name for a month and a weird dried fruit.

Much like referring to the pirate founder of the islamic religion as, ‘the prophet’. He is only a prophet to people who believe that crap. And even not to them as none of them can actually name a prophecy of his.

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4 Replies to “US Army helping muslims with their Ramadan gluttony festival.”

  1. Actually, Mohammed did have a prophecy. He declared that the World would end in 1150 AD (or something like that). Okay, so it was a false prophecy.

  2. I see this as beneficial.

    If you are working with these people in their country, then it would help to take part in Ramadan.
    In Afghanistan and Iraq, many military people broke bread with various sheikhs and others.

    You might say that you disagree with with women not voting, driving etc. It is quite another to say that Ramadan is all bad. You got to break bread with people. It worked with the Sunni Awakening. It was a combination of breaking bread, money, them being sick of Al Qaeda bombing open air markets (souks) and our word that things would be better our way than Al Qaeda’s way.

    Bet you that Spec Ops eat lamb, drinks tea and all that stuff with Afghans or Iraqis.

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