If Monty Python used several thousand people in a sketch and did it in Korean…

Dial it up to 1080 for max effect. (the little gear at the bottom right of the YT video. Click and it offers options) One question though. Did Pink Floyd use the symbol you see at 2:07 for The Wall or did North Korea adapt it from Pink Floyd?

It seemed somehow familiar

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  1. Lol, Eeyore! I wouldn’t doubt it if the Norks violated and modified Pink Floyd’s “Marching Hammers” symbol. After all, since when did communists ever care about the trademarks and copyrights of others? The Norks have nutters for leaders, even nuttier than Syd Barrett was, God rest his soul. Anyway, Barrett was gone and replaced by David Gilmore long before the release of “The Wall,” which incidentally was written by Roger Waters, a known center-left kind of guy. Despite Water’s political orientation, not a day goes by that is devoid of me hearing or at least, thinking of a Pink Floyd song. As a fan of Prog, I’ve listened to their music for decades.

    Now considering the Nork’s massive, choreographed, military parade/propaganda orgy, I wonder how many casualties such events produce in terms of heat casualties, vehicle collisions, etc. They must be enormous. If there was ever a good enough time to launch a preemptive strike against Pyongyang, this would be the time to do it, lol.

    Thanks for the Monty Python vid. Love it!

  2. It’s a bit less impressive when you realize they’re all about 4 foot tall from malnutrition. In real life this looks like a bunch of angry leprechauns.

  3. 1. All the guns they’re holding are up are 70 years old (the designs at least). One unit or whatnot was holding Russian sub machine guns from WWII and one unit was holding what must be WWII German mp40 clones. The only thing new on the artillary is the paint. Even the laughable tractors pulling some of the artillary look ancient.

    And I expect we saw the entire working airforce. That is working for the 5 minutes it took to fly over the area.

    2. When the Russians held these stupid displays they would go past the cameras, around a building and come around for the cameras again. Castro did similar with soldiers and reporters, having the guys go out and change uniforms and come back in again to make it look like he had an actual army when he really didn’t.

    Finally It suggests that the military is just as rigid in their thinking as this antiquated soviet style display suggests.

    If there was ever a war to finally liberate North Korea all these people would be dead by the end of the week – a fair amount by their own weapons malfunctioning on them.

  4. That was an impressive parade. Given the number of leading party members and the troops and equipment paraded before the latest and greatest “Dear” leader, you’d think the Space Corps could arrange for an asteroid to suddenly impact near the area…and it don’t need to be a big ‘un.

  5. LOL 🙂 But, hearing that the people of N. Korea is literally starving, and assuming that food is cheaper than all this military “Magnificence”, WHO is financing this country’s silly walks?

  6. Haredis: Ultra-orthodox men playing contemporary music, cool. Notice no females. Women don’t sing because the sound might distract men, or make them crazy, or something. So girls learn to stiffle themselves early.

  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah… But they were so cute!
    These ultra-Orthodox have more in common with their tard-analogues than we pretend.

  8. Yes I agree with you Yucki. But you would have to agree that given the chance, muslims who were that religious would kill The Beatles given the chance before ever learning to play their music.

  9. Truthiocity from what I can gather the main reason the US still has troops in South Korea is to prevent them from invading the north and starting a nuclear exchange with China and/or Russia. All of the predictions I have read say the South would go through the Northern troops like a knife through hot butter. We all know that as the South came close to the Chinese border China would attack.

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