Links and news for July 28 2013 – 1

1. Lockerbie bomber ‘was released by Britain because of £400million arms deal with Libya’ (Ultimately the defence contract was never signed by Libya)

2. Occasionally I see people make equivalence between ‘extremists of all stripes’ as if extremism was the problem and not Islam per se. For those people I offer the following: (h/t Tundra T)

3. The notion that the Obama Admin has created rules forcing the FBI etc. to deliberately ignore any Islamic leads in terror investigations is so stunning to me that I am always on the look out for evidence of this. As I find it, I will post it. Recent and old. Because the importance of this cannot be overstated.

3a. Obama admin pulls references to Islam out of training manuals. 2011

3b. Obama forbids FBI from monitoring mosques July 25 2013

4. Shiia tards protest desecration of their shrine by Sunni tards. 

The LOL line: “They are ruining Islam – our religion teaches peace and prosperity, not violence.”

5. Colorado Police gun buy-back program canceled over inability to make it comply to new state gun-control laws. (h/t Tundra T)

6. There are some interesting reports on the character of the Spanish train-driver being reported to be responsible for the disaster that killed so many the other day in Spain.

7. For the Muslim Doctor files. Dr. gives report of whiplash to undercover reporter even after she says she has no pain

8. Conclusion of 6 month study of Bulgarian bus bombing against Israeli target: Hizb’allah did it.

9. American born muslim hard core proselytizer, joins jihad in Syria and dies there.

10. Muslim in England with previous convictions of kidnapping and manslaughter given 16 years for aggravated sexual assault with video evidence.

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  1. #1

    For purposes of lawsuits and human resources calculates people have been given the value of $1 million or 2 million dollars (A pilots training cost x or for the risk-benefit analysis of pollution controls a person is worth Y.

    There were a few hundred people on that plane that went down over Lockerbie

    “. A Boeing 747–121, named Clipper Maid of the Seas, was destroyed by an explosive device killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew members. Large sections of the plane crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland, killing an additional 11 people on the ground.”

    That is 269 people or 269 to 538 million dollars. The money from the contract would not go to the victim’s families. It would go into the pockets of politicians and businessmen. That is statists and corporatists.

    That 400 million is not even all profit. It is may be 10 to 20 % profit. of which none goes to the families. The lion’s share goes to the to people in the company and some kick backs in the form of campaign donation goes to the pols.

  2. #9

    The jihadists are not dying fast enough or great enough numbers. Some jihadis were involved in the Bosnia war. They married local women and some have stayed. Wherever these jihadis go they find local women and marry them. So look for more problems in the future from Bosnia.

    Even if they are not around tho influence their kids, their kids are growing up fatherless and are prey for other jihadists to recruit for future wars.

  3. RE; # 1 The Brits and the rest of the EU nations are so hard up for oil they will beg, grovel, and sell out their citizens.

  4. #6 HAVE THE AUTHORITIES LOOKED AT THE ” train tracks ” TO MAKE SURE THERE WAS NO TAMPERING ??????!!!!! seems to be a lot of train track terrorist tampering lately!!!!
    I bet the authorities would love it to be the train driver so they do not have to deal with Spanish peoples islamophobia coming to the forefront again

  5. #3 The idea that a setting US President would actively help our enemies is so hard to believe that many refuse to accept the idea and the evidence, they want the first American Black President to be a loyal and patriotic American so hard they are living in a fantasy world. At least you are accepting the evidence.

    I have always worried about Obama and was worried about his past, he and his actions have proven my worries were correct.

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