Links and news for July 27 2013 – 3

1. Store who used cute names for sizes forced to change names after 20 years of no complaints. 

This store, which is clearly on an Island where all business is related to Nautical activities, sold clothes with cutsie names like shrimp sized for small and whale for large and XL. All it took was one complaint to change it. Now wonder commies and Muslims work together. They both want to empower everyone to force change so long as it fits their narrative. This woman is an example of a kind of ‘commie sharia enforcer’.

2. Brussels offers UK firms £1,000 cash ‘bribes’ to hire foreign workers

H/T Bains

3. One wonders why the Muslim Brotherhood complains about their members dying in jihad for an Islamic Egypt. If they believed a single word of their own hyperbole they would be thanking the opposition for sending so many of them to Mohamed’s imaginary ‘Beer-and-Brothel in the sky that is the sole aim of every muslim according to the religion. I always find it amusing when they start a fight then play the victim when they get killed. Quotes of Islamic leaders demanding death and loving death are legion in that cult. If we were truly multicultural, we would give it to all who ask. BBC on Egypt

4. Tunisians claim that opposition leader was murdered by islamists.

5. More Ramadan fun in Pakistan where 57 people have been killed by Muslims killing probably all muslims in the name of their religion.

6. Secure Freedom panel on EMP attack on Western nations.

6b. Here is a link to one of the stories mentioned by the first speaker. I had no idea about it. Clearly the US is using the same media strategy the UK is, to only report these matters locally as a minor crime issue.

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  1. Lockerbie bomber ‘was released by Britain because of £400million arms deal with Libya’

    -Tony Blair discussed air defence deal with Libyan dictator

    – Briefing note written by British ambassador said Libya was linking the contract with a prisoner transfer agreement

    – Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was released from jail in 2009 on ‘compassionate grounds’ because he had terminal cancer

    – Ultimately the defence contract was never signed by Libya

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