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7 Replies to “Updates on Spanish train (attack?)”

  1. And now, to add to all the other surroundings of this crash, seems there was an explosion…. yet, apart from the few noting the “abnormal” amount of recent train crashes, depressing to read the comments of the first link, ridiculing anyone suggesting it may have been terrorism.

  2. Compestela is a big place where the Reconquista started. Killing people who would celebrate Christian saints or one of the birth places of the Reconquista would be considered fair game by the Muslims.

    Why should not the Jihadis try? On 11 March 2004 they bombed Spanish trains killing 191 people and wounding 1,800. In response the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party candidate José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero was elected and became prime minister. He promptly withdrew Spanish troops from Iraq like the yellow dog that he is.


    More subtle sabotage still allows people to be terrorized and jihadi groups to claim credit. By making it hard to pinpoint how a disaster took place the jihadis can have their cake and eat it too. Coward politicians will want people to maintain a “normalcy bias” So they will only give the information out “in dribs and drabs” over time if pressed. The longer they can put it off an explanation and pointing to the cause the better for them. They can meet with emergency officials and look like they are doing something. they can meet with bereaved relatives and victims and look like they care. But their real job is to make sure that the perpetrators are caught and punished. Their real purpose is not to mitigate the damage by opening another burn center but to prevent another incident from happening.

    These politicians are no different than the conspiracy about the drug companies. their os more money to be made in the treatment than a cure. For a politician their is more face time looking concerned and like their doing something by meeting with victims, their families and emergency officials. The politicians are not need. Fire men and paramedics will do their job whether a politician shows up or not. Clergy, psychiatrists, friends, and family will comfort victims. Too many politicians just milk the moment.

    What is hard, what is dangerous is to authorize the military and police to go after jihadists. then the pol might need his protection for real. Then something might go wrong and he gets voted out of office.

    Coward politicians are grateful for the fig leaf that Al Qaeda gives them if instead of backpack bombs they resort more subtle sabotage. the pol can say we don;t know anything so we cannot take drastic or hard steps. It might have been poor maintenance, and act of god/nature or a terrorists. So hold off on action. Then after a report comes out in one or two years, the pol prays that people have forgot.

  3. Unless there was more of a curve then shown in the picture the train ought to have stayed on the rails even if the engineer was speeding.

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