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4 Replies to “Ministry of tourism for Egypt makes new commercial for adventure travel”

  1. Muslims consider all culture, religions that came before Islam or that exists now that are not Muslim, to be part of the ignorant times. The past is not to be investigated. Archeology is unnecessary. They want to tear down the Pyramids.

    The end result is that Muslims will have to ban the time machine or prevent anyone form using one. Physicists said it might be theoretically possible to have a window to the past even if we cannot use it as a portal.

    So in this day and age the Muslims can destroy all historical artifacts. But to bury the past they would have to control time machines.

    To allow a time machine to operate would prove embarrassing to Islam.

  2. I mention time machines because in the near future it might be the only way to see the Pyramids or any other archaeological site in Egypt.

    If the sites are not destroyed the Muslim Brotherhood and other Salafist groups literally killed unarmed tourists including women and children.

    It is the Salafi way.

  3. Bloody hell, erm… Ramadan!

    Syria conflict: Khan al-Assal ‘falls to rebels’ (BBC, July 22, 2013)
    “A strategic town close to the northern city of Aleppo has fallen to Syrian rebels, according to UK-based activist group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Khan al-Assal was considered the last regime stronghold in the west of Aleppo province. The rebel victory comes after several defeats at the hands of Syrian armed forces. The town lies on a route that links the province to the city of Aleppo. Fighting in Aleppo itself was reported as continuing as both sides attempted to assert control over the city, which is economically the most important in Syria…”

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