Links and news for July 22 2013 – 2

1. New clashes between Kurds and Islamists in Syria, a ‘war within a war’

The Kurdish minority does not want jihadist fighters on its territory, accusing them of ‘ethnic hatred’. Hostilities continue between the two groups continue along the Turkish border as the regime gains strength. The position of the Committee for the Protection of Kurdish people weakens anti-Assad forces.

2. Inspector general of Homeland Security eyed in fund mismanagement and nepotism (So much misconduct in so little time!)

3. George Zimmerman Emerged From Hiding for Truck Crash Rescue

4. Norwegian rape victim, now freed, allegedly raped by Sudanese colleague. (Bet anything he is an Arab Muslim Sudanese as opposed to a black Christian one)

Dalelv was in Dubai for a short business trip in March when she claims she was raped by her Sudanese colleague after she asked him to escort her to her room at the end of a work event where they had both been drinking alcohol.


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  1. Bloody (for some apparently happy) Ramadan 1434!

    Iraq jailbreaks: Hundreds escape in Taji and Abu Ghraib (BBC, July 22, 2013)
    “Hundreds of inmates have escaped from two Iraqi prisons after gunmen stormed two jails near Baghdad.

    Fighting raged for several hours after the jails – Abu Ghraib to the west of the capital and Taji to the north – came under attack.

    Mortar fire and suicide bombs were used to gain access to the jails, whose inmates include al-Qaeda prisoners.

    At least 20 members of the security forces were killed as they struggled to regain control.
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    image of Rami Ruhayem Rami Ruhayem Arab affairs analyst, BBC News

    The Iraqi authorities initially said that the attackers had failed to free the prisoners in Taji and Abu Ghraib. They said security forces reacted quickly enough to seal the area and cut off any escape route.

    But it quickly emerged that they were wrong, as reports came out that at least 500 prisoners had indeed managed to escape. The government had to admit that “some” prisoners had escaped, without saying how many.

    In the past, several attacks on prisons have resulted in dozens of inmates being freed, as well as records and precious information about them being destroyed or stolen.

    In Mosul, too, the army took a painful hit, another reminder that the northern city remains one of the most dangerous for security forces in Iraq.

    It is not just Mosul, however, and not just the security forces that are suffering. Continuous waves of attacks across the country have exposed the government’s chronic failure to secure the country.

    A senior Iraqi MP, Hakim Al-Zamili, said that about 500 prisoners had escaped from the notorious Abu Ghraib prison….”

  2. Michelle Malkin says the Obama administration is a culture of corruption, the scandals bear her out, maybe it is time to start talking about the number of Obama appointed people who are not involved in a scandal.

  3. A video camera costs $200. It is a lot cheaper than defending yourself at a murder trial. I believe that Trayvon Martin as casing houses.

    I also believe that the administration of the the school he attended were a bunch of moral cowards. Just like the massive cheating scandal in Atlanta, they were altering their statistics. In this case instead of grade inflation they were underreporting crime. As a political commentator already said, if Trayvon had been put in check for his petty larceny earlier in the year he may have learned that he could not get away wit t crime. He would still be alive and he may have become a airline pilot, which he said he wanted to be. an airline pilot s hard life. You earn mid 5 figures and work hard. Later if you graduate up out of the minors you make 6 figures. But his parents were caught up in their own life and paid little attention to Trayvon. The school were worried about their bottom line, their salary. So they fixed metrics for their job by lying. So all Trayvon had left was “The Lord of the Flies” culture that is the underbelly of America.

    Still a camera is not everything. there is a reason why people were hoods. They are cheap and it is more plausible to the see nothing hear nothing culture that they are to frustrate facial recognition. What are the alternatives, a hat and sunglasses or risk getting ID by people and cameras? Many criminals have learned about finger prints, DNA and witnesses. They also know about facial recognition. So maybe the camera is not a panacea. Still a camera seems like a good ideal.

  4. Every defensive measure against crime is basically trying to stop the lower IQ people who commit them, which is most criminals. The top of the criminal class will always know how to defeat counter-measures but they are a tiny fraction of overall crime committed. Video, photos, fingerprints and DNA is enough to deal with the vast majority of crime provided the authority which has the monopoly on enforcement actually has the will to apply what it can do, to the situation. Which is much more rare than it should be for a monopoly force.

    Quite often you have to collect the evidence yourself and organize it and present it yourself to the police force so that the amount of work left to do amounts to a phone call, then you get somewhere. This is certainly true of fraud cases.

    Personally I think it is foolish to leave the house without a means of easily recording what you see.

  5. You have to remember that most people enter the police to work on the big crimes like murder armed robbery etc. not on the non “sexy” crimes like fraud or violation of rights. I don’t know about the other places but in the towns and cities I have lived in the smaller crimes are usually ignored by the police as being beneath them.

  6. Red you can get point and shoot digital cameras that will take videos for less then $100.00, they generally make good videos and most people don’t realize they aren’t just a still camera.

  7. I agree. Even though some criminals can defeat most measure you still get rid of 90% of the problem easier. Which in turn makes getting the other 10% easier to keep track of and solve.

    I definitely want to get a dashcam soon.

  8. The cameras in many phones today are startlingly good at video. The Samsung Galaxy III, last years model not even the current #4 takes amazing video. Splurge on a 64 gig or at least a 32 gig SanDisk micro SD and practice with it. Actually practice shooting video holding it differently and so on till you are comfortable with it as a tool and its amazing what you can get. There are lots of very good things available if you are willing to spend a few dollars as well.

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