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12 Replies to “Warehouse in Trappes on its way to Mohamed’s sky-brothel”

  1. During the time of Vichy France the majority of french people had no problem with the occupation.
    The French Milice who fought against the French resistance had about the same number of soldiers in early 1944.

    The french resistance was a minority who were originally made up of communist that were already taking action against the government before the Germans.

  2. Sadly there will be much more of this criminal behavior, these inbred mutants see for themselves that there is virtually no penalty or punishment. They will only become more brazen. As one wise person said” every Muslim is a potential Jihadist”.

  3. The problem with calling it the Vichy France is that here is no government other then China and maybe soon Russia opposing the occupation. The resistance would need help.

  4. If you rewound the clock to 1940 and told the Combatants that Europe would be overrun with Arabs in this way France, Britain and Germany would have come to some Concorde. Notwithstanding the Nazi extermination of the jews of course. Hell, the nSDAP would have probably reversed that policy too.

    Europe is being Razza ‘Ed to death.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, the way I see it is that if the citizens in France, the UK, and many other EU countries take the fight to these invading dirtbags their own feckless and balless governments will come down hard on them , as we see in the lack of arrests when the victim is a white European and the perpetrators are Muslim, Asian, North African etc The citizens must vote these Quisling enemies of the people out of office.

  6. said, “The citizens must vote these Quisling enemies of the people out of office.”

    That is never going to happen as long as the big money is controlling the media and agenda
    Representative government is meaningless without an informed electorate.

  7. Quisling, Petain et al may have seen this coming. The triumph of liberal democracy has just delivered us to the Muslims on a silver platter.

  8. It takes a long time for revolutions to start, the oppression has to be long term and nasty before people revolt. I don’t see the people in any civilized nation holding still for much more oppression.

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