Excerpts from an article in Le Monde, a periodical which I am reliably informed is the most respected of the French Leftist press. For the whole article please click here.

Partial translations by C.B. and Oz-Rita

“The atmosphere in Trappes gives us the desire for revolution”

July 20 2013







“In twenty years, Trappes will be Chechnya!”

For someone who presents himself as a “thinker of Trappes”, he says “that can start again, and it will start again. But not just here: it can happen in any suburb. We’re fed up with the politicians who want to ‘whitify’ the town”. The night before, things got out of control, he says. “It’s when they fired on the small one that it started to spiral! We’ve had enough of police gangsters who play at “who can do the best arrest of a veiled woman”.  It’s at this point that one of his friends sees someone pass by whom he believes to be police in plain clothes. He shouts: “It’s going to get hot for you tonight! Prepare, we’re ready!”

Kamel Laouadi, 32 years old and a father, proudly shows his two imposing guns… water guns. “That’s a large caliber!” he jokes, before assuming a more serious tone. Our hatred is not by accident. We would fight for France, but it’s necessary to stop touching on religion all the time.” For him, “what’s going to happen this evening” is only the beginning. “In twenty years, Trappes will be Chechnya!”


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  1. Its now well documented

    1. Muslims gain weight during the Holy month of Ramadan

    2. More murders are committed by Muslims during the Holy month of Ramadan

    From which I deduce that terrorism and other murders perpetrated by Muslims, have been incorrectly and unfairly attributed to Islam or the Koran.

    It is clear that it is gaining weight, i.e., overeating in a short period of time, and at unusual times, is the reason why there is a spike in homicide rates.

    Overeating, specially in the night, when people should be sleeping, and then having to adjust to normal schedules in the day, completely messes up the normal cycle of working, eating and rest. This is bound to have psychosomatic effects on the mind, leading to delusions, paranoia, and urge to take revenge on people who are leading a normal life.

    I feel that Muslims committing violence during the holy month of Ramadan, are really crying out for help – a Muslimhausen by proxy (MBP)

    More research is required here.

  2. He is angry?

    He sends or looks the other way when his teenage sons, who he calls SMALL ONES, throw rocks at paramedics, firefighters, and police.

    He looks the other way and does not discipline them when his teenage sons steal from the injured and dead.

    A teenager know right from wrong, can weigh over 200 pounds and be over 6 foot tall.

    He is angry?

    I wish the Islamic Group of Algeria (GIA) had found him before he could emigrate. They would have gone Al Qaeda on his ass.

  3. @ DP111

    On top of the brain washing of prayer 5 times a day, which cuts into sleep, we have the equivalent of a “swing shift”.

    A swing shift is the wost kind of shift work for a worker. And yet a whole population does it.

    You already know all this, I just wish the general public would catch on to this.

  4. With passage of time and the continuation of Middle East wars especially relating to Israel and Indian subcontinent, Islamic Wahabism is becoming harsher. It is difficult to grasp its end-point. One thing that strikes me often is that globe is over saturated by people depleting its entire resources which has also caused the environmental changes.There is a need for nature’s cure…!!!

  5. @ Tejpal

    I see Wahabbism losing out to industrialism in the UAE and eventually Saudi Arabia.

    Now whether there are any Europeans left to see that day is another question.

    What resources are being depleted? Oil? I don’t think so.

    Water? I agree water is a depleted resource if and only if you do not give me energy to purify it.

    If you want to make expensive energy then you will have water scarcity. But it will be entirely man made just like famine. Nature creates droughts but man creates famine.

    Ok I looked at your gravatar profile. You are nit an engineer so I can see why you are pessimistic about resources.

  6. @ DP111


    If I remember correctly a swing shift that alternates at 2 week intervals is the worst.

    Ramadan is about 4 weeks. Since people take nooners and such during Ramadan ( & usually take nooners like Mexicans take siestas because of the hot environment; it makes sense) I do not know that it could be properly be considered shift work. Still I bet it is stressful for many participants.

    P.S. I have observed Ramadan in June/July. Things did not get done very fast at all.

  7. Note how the speaker talked about resisting the French efforts to return his neighborhood to France control and the French culture. This shows why assimilation is impossible with any practicing Moslem.

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