Morsi: “Free me and I will go into exile”

An original translation from an Italian News site by Gaia: (H/T M)

From Corriere:

Morsi: “Free me and I will go into exile” – is the proposal of the former president deposed in the July 3 “coup , appealing to all protesters to leave the streets


“Free me and I will go into exile” . This is the gist of the request made by Mohamed Morsi, the Egyptian president deposed on July 3 by the military and then detained. He sent a letter to the High Command of the Armed Forces calling for his release and the opportunity for himself and for all members of his family, to leave Egyptian territory. The former president also addressed an appeal to all the protesters to leave the streets , writes the newspaper al-Watan.
In the letter, handwritten and sent by one of his also detained advisers , he asks for the” liberation of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood prisoners and the cancellation of any legal proceedings against him, “the newspaper reported. Sources claim that the request of the deposed president has already been rejected by the military, who indicated to him that ‘the decision is up to the Egyptian people. “

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7 Replies to “Morsi: “Free me and I will go into exile””

  1. Would I be inciting violence if I said that they should exile Morsi to a 3×6 foot patch of earth at 6 feet below ground level….

    Regards Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Yeah, free him and he’ll be like a rabbit let out of a cage. You won’t see him for dust!
    Then he’ll spend some time in exile plotting his comeback with the help of his Musloid friends. The only way to free him is to send him as far away as possible, preferably Mars with no returning spaceship.
    Alternatively, a cheaper alternative would be to simply just execute him. It may not free him, exactly, but it will free the rest of us from him!

  3. Free me and I will go into exile, where I can safely agitate, plot a comeback and plant to kill you all.

    House arrest is no bowl of cherries



  4. If Morsi went into exile, he would go to a country like Qatar that would set him up in a mansion to live in, a office to agitate from, and give him tens of millions of dollars for subversion.

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