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  1. U.S. Guarantees Israel’s Pre-1967 Borders Will Be Basis for Renewed Talks with Palestine, Officials Say

    Israel’s pre-1967 borders will be the basis of renewed peace talks between Palestine and Israel, according to a letter U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gave to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas which guaranteed the stipulation.

    After Abbas received the Kerry letter, he agreed to resume peace talks with Israel, two senior Palestinian officials said Saturday.


  2. EDL likes on Facebook=151000. =small organisation.
    British army = around 102,000= large organisation.

    Fighting Muslims abroad and coming home to see Muslims abuse your homeland and do nothing= no brainer.

    The media makes me laugh. It was always going to happen that the armed forces would show support for the EDL.

  3. 2. Are British soldiers joining the English Defence League?

    Of course they are.

    One can argue that one of the reasons that we went to Islamic countries was to train our soldiers for the coming war here, at home.

    I realized this years ago, but kept mum. Now some Muslims in the USA are saying the same thing – that GIs are coming home with intense cases of Islamophobia they contracted while in Afghanistan.

  4. I disagree DP111. No one in government is that clever .
    It is beyond any comprehension that a nation would let in hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the country ,whilst fighting in the countries that these people come from. Even a child can see how dumb that is. Maybe it is similar to that German tribal leader who the Romans educated in war and then he wiped them out in the Thuringian forest. I can’t remember his name but we all know how Rome was plundered.
    No Cameron et all are not that smart. They all think we will all live happily in peace when I know for example I wouldn’t piss on my next door neighbour if she was on fire as she is an arsehole……..well I probably would but she is still an arsehole!

  5. Ohhh God

    I never said that the leaders are that smart. A strategic policy was formed just after 9/11, and agreed by ALL western leaders.

    Such policies are formed in the backroom by global strategists that include trade, effects on neutral countries such China, oil, keeping Russia in/out of the loop, and many other strategic factors. It took almost 6 months after 9/11 before one could get an inkling of such a policy. We are in phase 2 of this policy

    A similar strategic policy was put in effect at the time of the Cold war. With the USSR, a hot war was not possible, but a hot war was played by proxy, n conjunction with trade, embargoes on technology and many others.

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