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5 Replies to “EDL rally turns bloody today”

  1. I think the cop with the full beard and tactical turban in the first video is a sikh. They probably make very good police officers.

  2. I wonder if it will ever occur to the British Government to at least consider the idea of slowing down on immigration, especially of Muslims. Why a small, overcrowded country like the UK thinks it’s a good idea to bring in millions of Pakistanis and Somalis is beyond all semblance of reason. What salesmen the leftists are, to be able to convince the average Brit that it’s in his best interest for the government to cash in the white population in exchange for a nice, new brown-skinned Muslim population from Asia. They make the Mad Men look like amateurs…

  3. This is beyond logic and speaks of a repulsive double standard,the “police” will run two miles through London BaCKWARDS when faced by a violent mob of wogs,and steam in when a protest by INDIGENOUS English people takes place.

  4. The left wing political masters of the police are going to end up paying a high price for their double standard against the English people.

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