China’s Beijing airport hit in blast protest


Police and security personnel at Beijing Capital International Airport (20 July 2013) Several medical workers treated the man in the terminal after the blast

Xinhua showed several medical workers providing emergency treatment, with police officers also at the scene.

The man was named by Chinese state broadcaster CCTV as Ji Zhongxing, 34, from Shandong province in China’s north-east. The explosive device consisted of gunpowder from fireworks, CCTV reported.

Officials say order has been restored at the airport and there is no disruption to flights.

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4 Replies to “China’s Beijing airport hit in blast protest”

  1. It does not appear to be terrorism. It appears more that a guy form NE China (Shandong) went to southern China and got a raw deal from local police or officials.

    Cannot say that America is much better. The police put a veteran in a psych word in Virginia for no reason and said he assaulted officers. It would have stuck to except for video.

  2. Here is a link

    Chesterfield Marine Veteran Detained in Psych Ward Over Anti Obama Facebook Posts Freed

    Per AboveTopSecret dot com (which I am not vouching for) The Rutherford institute is suing the government. The Rutherford Institute is reliable.

    CBS6 of WTVR has Brandon Raub’s full text of his facebook post. I disagree with his 911 inside job argument. I might even disagree with his income tax (instated 1913) argument. But there is nothing in his post that is threatening except to corrupt elected officials on election day fearing the vote count. Yet he was arrested.

    Where I live the top Democrat legislator is in his 70s. He would like to retire to Florida or somewhere, but he can’t. As soon as he does, the bodies no longer stay buried. Just recently 2 items of the corruption he is involved in came to light. If he retires then it is much harder for him to impede investigations. The Republicans are not much better.

  3. It wasn’t terrorism but a suicide protest like the Buddhist Monks that set fire to themselves. I wonder if the Chinese people are getting ready for another semi peaceful upraising like in the early 90s?

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