Links and news for July 20 2013 – 1

1. Check this live blogging of today’s EDL Demo in Birmingham 

2. Website that focuses on rape jihad. (A good one to send to your skeptical associates)

3. French police station attacked amid tensions over ban on Muslim face veils

A few garbage dumpsters in the area were torched and a bus shelter shattered in the Trappes unrest. Spent tear gas capsules lay on the road Saturday near the police station at the center of the violence.

3b. More here

4. French hostage was murdered Al Qaeda-style, autopsy shows  

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  1. “Verdon had already been held hostage for six months in south Sudan in 1991, thrown out of Madagascar in 2010 and briefly imprisoned in the Comoros islands in 2003.”

    Verdon could have been a spy or have done that on the side.

    But he could also been a person with good or marginal skills that just wasn’t hooked up into business cliques in France and therefore unable to get renumeration commensurate with those skills. Like your work is worth 60,000 but they only want to pay you 20,000, while they are worth 60,000 and pay themselves 150,000. He might not have paid the appropriate bribes in say Madagascar. Just don’t know.

  2. Indian forces shoot dead six protesters in Kashmir

    Protesters clashed with troops after an incident on Wednesday evening at the madrassa (Islamic school) attached to a mosque in Gool, witnesses said.

    The head of the madrassa, Qari Shabir, said four BSF troopers came in looking for militants, at the same time that a caretaker was alone there reciting prayers for the ramadan
    “They beat him up…that is when Abdul Lateef (the caretaker) raised an alarm and people started to assemble and the word spread,”

    Shabir said he later went to the madrassa and saw copies of the Koran strewn on the floor before security authorities sealed the premises.

    Other local residents said the troops had entered the mosque to complain about the loud recitation of prayers by worshippers during Ramadan.

  3. IRELAND – A Somali refugee who improvised a halal abattoir in a private house where he killed four goats, has been sentenced to a 12 months in jail suspended for two years by an Irish court.

    […]The police had been alerted to the incident by people living nearby who had heard the goats “screaming in pain”.

    […]The judge in the case said that while he respected Mr Kibaga’s religious beliefs, the law of the land had to be observed. He agreed with the defence barrister that a custodial sentence would not be necessary, even as a deterrent, as it was “unlikely that an outbreak of goat-slaying would break out in Tralee.”

  4. ISTANBUL – Turkish police fired water cannon on Saturday to disperse hundreds of protesters who gathered to march to Gezi Park in central Istanbul, which has been at the heart of fierce demonstrations against Prime Minister Erdogan’s rule.

    Saturday’s protests were triggered when police blocked access to the park where a couple, who met during last month’s anti-government rallies, were planning to get married and had posted an invitation for guests to attend online.

    Groups of riot police chased protesters down side streets leading away from Taksim square where Gezi park is located.

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