Links and News for July 19 2013 – 3

1. Rolling Stone cover features Bomb Dylan. Featuring his new explosive hit ‘Run Kufar Run’.

Bomb Dylan

2.USPresident Barack Obama reminds us that its probably a good thing Trayvon Martin was shot or else he might have been president 30 years from now. (OK how is that joke worse than a micromanaging president who undermines the judicial branch? Obama does real damage. I made a tasteless joke)

3. More mosque-bombs in Iraq: 

4. If anyone wants to know why the US is in the mess it is in, please watch this:

5. Bill Cosby gets it exactly right. 

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8 Replies to “Links and News for July 19 2013 – 3”

  1. On the very day that Trayvon Martin was shot, Pres Obama made statements that Trayvon could be his son etc..

    If this had happened in Britain, it would lead to the collapse of any legal proceedings. It is just not allowed for any politician, newspaper or broadcaster to prejudice a potential jury, and the case. If a PM had made such a statement, he would have to resign.

    Even now, Obama’s comments are way out of line, and even racist. He has prejudiced any future appeals, and made a fair trial virtually impossible.

    What is astounding, is that these comments are coming from the president, who after all took an oath to defend the constitution, which I presume guarantees free and fair trials.

    What I now see, is that a republic that was founded on a constitution and laws, is now applying laws selectively. Some people have to be found guilty no matter, innocent or not, while some are innocent, no matter how guilty.

    As Ann Barnhardt has been stating for quite a while – the first republic is dead.

  2. The fact that Rolling Stone magazine are glamorizing terrorists is nothing new. It’s just the thin end of an ever-increasing wedge again.
    Tsarnaev is just the modern version of ‘Che Guevara’. Expect to see his poster on scruffy bedroom walls all over student land. The students are our future. They are the doctors, teachers, lawyers and politicians of tomorrow.
    God help us all!

  3. Mali unrest: Kidal’s deadly race riots (BBC, July 19, 2013)
    “At least one person has been killed in Mali’s northern town of Kidal, following ethnic clashes between Tuaregs and black civilians, ahead of elections next week. Tuareg rebels held the town until a June deal with the government. The BBC’s Alex Duval Smith in Mali says it remains unclear who is really in charge of the town. Many Malians blame Tuareg separatists for starting the 2012 rebellion which led Islamists to seize northern areas…”

  4. One pretty picture and people swoon. If they had shot the picture in profile the response would not have been so positive. Most people do not look good in profile

    Too many people are so stupid that if Hoenekker of East Germany had been in his 20s and 30s with good hair, people would overlook that whole STASI thing and want to have his baby.

    People swoon of Che Geuverra and Fidel Castro and yet Cuba is full of black political prisoners.

  5. #3 Iran through the Shia is now attacking the base for the MB in Iraq, we can expect this violence to spread as Iran feels stronger through the Russian shipment of weapons to Iran and their puppets.

    #4 The Black is brain dead and having trouble remembering his lines. He is saying that he wouldn’t have judged the defendant by the evidence, you are right this is what is wrong, the race hustlers want to destroy our nation and are using the court system to try and accomplish their goal.

    #5 Cosby is right.

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