Links and news for July 19 2013 – 4

1. Two men arrested in connection with various devices near mosques that made a threatening noise. No muslims where hurt however during the various attacks on mosques, one of which ‘miraculously’ set its prayer time back one hour for the first time in its history as one of the devices went off somewhat closer to a church on a disused railway line near Binfield Street in Tipton, than it was to the mosque as it turns out. The two men are described as “East European” and are as yet unnamed. 

2. The non-natives continue to be restless in Australia as wanna-be immigrants burn down detention centers and blow stuff up and generally show gratitude. Turns out Rudd’s new Papua solution doesn’t even apply to them.

3. EDL article: Only Time Will Tell Whether Islam Is A Religion Of Peace (I think it already has)

4. British authorities to force EDL to stay at a pub for 3 hours before demo. (I hope at least one of them is a chemist and I wouldn’t drink a single thing that doesn’t come out of a tap.) H/T Don B

5. Guilt by association not enough to be refused refugee status, even if you are one of the architects of policies that got the entire org. blacklisted. ATTN any remaining Nazis in Argentina. Canada can no longer refuse you.



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5 Replies to “Links and news for July 19 2013 – 4”

  1. Prime Minister Rudd is a narcissitic, egotistical waste.

    He isn’t of quite the same stature as Obama but he sure does try hard.

    A person with an IQ of 70 and performs menial labor does more positive for the human race than a person like Rudd

  2. #1 if the men from Eastern Europe turn out to be ethnic Turks (& Muslim) from say Bulgaria, the presstitutes will let us know right?

  3. If the mosque attacks are a ‘ western based backlash’ then it is indicative of what sites like this have been saying would happen for years. It is just a surprise it has not happened sooner. The ‘ extremists’ will get the blame but it is all the fault of successive governments. Especially Blairs!

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