Interview with woman who owns small shop in Muslim area of France.

This is well worth the 15 minutes to watch it. Please pay close attention. This is the kind of information that is so important and so difficult to get, as well as disseminate. This is not an isolated case at all, but its rare that someone has the courage to stay and defend secular national law and values and also speak out against islamic aggression and ethnic cleansing even though she is being very careful even here to use code, such as ‘beards’ and ‘religion’.

The original Video was posted in Riposte Laique, on the 10. July 2013, video made by GUY SAUVAGE and posted by him:


Official introduction to video follows:

France is starting to know the story of bookseller Marie-Neige Sardin. A woman alone, culturally isolated in the “communitaire” suburb of Bourget, she has been attacked more than 30 times in the last 10 years.

Her complaints to the police and especially their handling by the “Justice” resulted in one single custodial sentence, very recently.


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  1. The policemen are scared for themselves, or they are muslims like the precident of USA, Barack Osama.
    I guess they never have a good nightsleep.

  2. Dear Vlad, no doubt I am a bit of a pain, a broken record, but the biggest con that they have sold us is ‘SECULARISM’, it has no soul, no values, no unifying qualities, no inspiration, NOTHING. It frightens NO ONE, and it cannot be defended, because it stands for and represents NOTHING, in fact it is THEIR creed. The left, the NWO, don’t spend all of their time denouncing, ridiculing, undermining, thinking of new ways to limit, and eventually ban secularism, Castro, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and countless other dictators didn’t try to abolish SECULARISM, it held no fear for them. Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Edward the first, William the Conqueror, even didn’t find their inspiration in SECULARISM, they didn’t spend the last hours and minutes before the great battles to save their civilization, their independence, their liberty, their very existence, sorting out their garden waste, paying their council tax, handing out free condoms, morning after pills. NO, they had a sense of all belonging to something greater than themselves, something that united them, inspired them, had values that were worth defending. YES, secularism is probably THE most damaging pup they have sold us.
    Here’s quite an interesting article from Pravda, which I do find it hard to get my head around, as someone who lived through the cold war, I trust FAR more than the bbc, and right enough, if you listen, when Putin speaks he comes across as far more honest, intelligent and level headed, than any of the treacherous bunch of crooks, chancers and megalomaniac tin pot dictators who now infect the body politic of what we used to call the free world

  3. You know, I don’t really even have a clue as to why the governments of the Western Nations are forcing this upon their own people. They’ve got to know they are doing it, and they’ve got to know that a referendum asking the question, “Do you want to see your country filled up with Muslims?”, would result in a resounding “NO!!!” from Australia to Berlin to anywhere else. What gives? It is obviously impossible for Muslims to integrate into a free Western society,so why are they purposely doing this to us then? What unseen hand is forcing them to obey, maybe against their wills? Do the Jihadists secretly own all the media? Do they have “information” about too many important people? Did they help too many people establish their careers? What gives? Why are we doing this???

  4. Thanks for posting this Vlad.

    That brave woman, Marie-Neige, is actually the queen of understatement. I have followed her calvary for the past few years, and her nightmare is a daily one.

    That little suburb of Paris (Bourget)is her home, she grew up there, when it still was FRANCE. Now it is completely Islamised (arab & sub-Saharan Africa). Personally I would not DARE going there, let alone LIVE there. Marie-Neige’s is the very last original FRENCH shop there, inherited from her hero, her late father.

    This tape is the tip of the iceberg. She has a daughter who would now be in her late teens. That girl also has finally left that hell hole, the euphemism they use for it being “Banlieue sensible” (sensitive aerea). She was attacked and threatened too. Too much for her mother.

    The French press meanwhile has been completely dhimmified, and the few voices that are still not completely silenced are seriously mussled, sued to buggery in the courts, which are sooo close to Sharia, that it is nauseating.

    I seriously fear for that brave woman – too many people want her gone, she is a thorn in the corrupt invertebrate blubber that France has become.

    Make that video go feral please !

  5. The same thing was happened in Asia 700 years ago. Muslim looters plundered everything belong to the Hindus & Buddhists, killed or convert them to Islam. I’m sorry about this lady. Must do something against this barbarians.

  6. Sadly multiply this tragic story of suffering by thousands of small struggling shopkeepers and one can realize what is is like in the daily struggle to scratch out a living in the areas of France infested with this alien, violent,lawless culture totally disregarded and ignored by the politically correct lapdogs,lackeys, and groveling apologists of Islam in the MSM and the political class. The feckless and spineless government could do much more , however they lack the political will to do anything but deliver the same old excuses and lame lip service. If it was Muslim shopkeepers the government officials would bend over backwards to aid and protect them,it’s the old double standard.

  7. The governments of the west say they are worried about racist backlashes to the attacks, their refusal to enforce the laws and protect the citizens is creating the very thing they say they fear. When the legal system breaks down and doesn’t protect people they end up organizing and protecting themselves, given what has happened in Europe and is happening over there still the backlash will be very bloody.

  8. You poor poor lady.i give you my heart and my are my hero.why in General did I or anyone for that not know about this.why is this not on the ten o’clock news in the uk.i have only recently started to be aware of the real threat of Islam.i will show my wife and children your horror story tonight.i really need to know why this is being allowed to one of origin from Europe would want islam as part of Europe.if someone could please tell me why politicians are allowing this to happen please please tell me so I can try and make plans for my family’s future.

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