Links and news for July 17 2013 – 1

1. More serious clashes between MB and non-MB supporters in Egypt. (H/T Tundra T)

2. Viral video of Egyptian child being beaten by Morsi supporters

3. Gatestone article on UK taxi rapes. Ladies, when taking a taxi, mace, knives or at least some kind of liquid hot sauce. We are rapidly coming to the stage where identity politics and tribalism trumps rule of law and equality of all, ironically, thanks to the efforts of leftists. This means one has to go back to a near Wild-West individualism where you must take personal responsibility for your own safety. In other words, time to grow up.

But another wave of sex crimes involves predatory Muslim taxi drivers who are raping female passengers. The number of so-called taxi rapes is snowballing to such an extent that a British judge has issued a warning that no woman can expect to be safe while traveling in a cab.

4. Philosopher does video on Trayvon Martin case. I am watching it now but it starts very well.

4a. Gates of Vienna does a comprehensive time line on the events of the Martin-Zimmerman case. The Abominable White Man

5. All British schoolchildren required to study Islamic history starting 2014

6. The first organization listed on this document is the one Justin Trudeau, current leader of the Liberal party of Canada and anointed governing party of Canada by the CBC, is the one Justin chose to associate himself with as seen in the video in this post.


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  1. 5/ I’m all for it as long as they learn the undiluted truth, that Islam is a klepto-parasitic cult that was created by a sexually deviant pirate and that Muslims are deceivers whilst at the same time being the most deceived people in history.
    Children should be taught that the Koran is a ridiculous, badly-written book of unparalleled evil and that Islam should be treated with caution, avoided at all costs, and is indeed a bigger enemy to freedom and prosperity than any other organisation, ideology or crime syndicate in history.

  2. Victoria, Texas: “Cancer-free woman undergoes chemotherapy after false diagnosis.”
    Stage IV terminal Breast Cancer, 7 months of chemo. Lots of luck.
    “An investigation found that Dr. Ahmad Qadri misread the lab results, and Garcia had been cancer-free all along.
    Qadri has since died.”
    Just wait till smug Sweden becomes enviably Judenfrei, and affirmative action doctors take over.

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