Links and news for July 13 2013 – 3

1. Is anyone surprised that Morsi, former president of Egypt has a son named Osama? Pretty funny how adamant he is about the importance of voting though. Article here:

2. I am pleased to see the anti-OJ trial didn’t quite mirror the other one. Not so terribly long ago, a black man who killed two people was acquitted of murder in a criminal court for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was fear of riots had he been convicted. A civil court did convict him and he paid up the damages not long after however. In the Zimmerman case, a man who clearly acted in self defense and should never have even been arraigned had a difficult and biased trial and was finally acquitted tonight. We shall see if the riots follow. No matter how the ‘African-American’ community behaves though, it is a testament to the United States that belief in rule of law still trumps blackmail by roving thugs. That due process was afforded this man even as it was to O.J. Simpson, and even though I disagree with the verdict he received.

3. Rail disaster in Paris not human error.

4. A day after French train disaster, people still trapped within and thieves stole from corpses within the train.

5. Sarah Connor not first in line for one of these

6. The thugs, who were of Asian appearance and shouted “white scum” at the dad, carried out the vicious assault despite the fact their victim was pushing a pram carrying his six-month-old son.

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  1. #3 #4

    “In Limoges, where the train from the Gare d’Austerlitz was to have arrived just before 8pm, the friends and families of passengers were led to a “psychiatric cell””

    Psychiatrists are the priests of the secular world. Having psychiatrists treat family and friends of the victims may be a good thing and it may not. We all laugh watching Men In Black when the government agent says look at the pen and brainwashed the witnesses.

    But one has to wonder if that is not exactly what the government is doing here. It would be along the line of “Sh_t happens, Grieve, Move-On”. Later if it is found to be sabotage, the government admonishments will be “if we NORMALIZE for socio economic level than these people are no different than us.”

  2. #2 the protests are turning more and more violent, I am waiting for riots in several cities.

    #3 Sabotage has always been the highest probability.

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