Links and News for July 12 2013 – 4

1. Its quite amazing how the last two bombs found near mosques went off, but didn’t do any damage and didn’t actually hurt anyone. Fascinating. Typically when bombs go off near kufar targets it maims kids, kills the unsuspecting and destroys a lot of property.

Sky news covers today’s bomb which went off in an abandoned railway line well behind a mosque. No one was hurt. There may be a window somewhere nearby that needs replacing but police aren’t sure yet. No one has stepped on a nail or anything so no need for tetanus shots. It is now officially terrorism though. I guess that means they don’t think a muslim set it off.

Then we have the bomb that went off near a mosque a week or so ago and where the imam brought the remnants home to show his wife. In the list of attacks given in this article, NONE of the arrested or suspects are named. I think we can safely say we know what this means, at least until evidence surfaces suggesting otherwise.

2. Egyptian deposing of MB triggers realignment of regional allies. 

3. Snaphanen points out that prayers at this mosque were delayed one hour. No reason given. How interesting. Two videos at that site with police statements and RT commentary on this bomb-that-damaged-nothing. Apparently there is camera surveillance on this mosque and area here but I haven’t figured out which button to push yet.

4. At least 2 killed in bomb attack near peacekeepers in Somali Capital. (Ramadan never disappoints! at least if you are an arms dealer)

5. Another article on the burning of the 100 year old church in Australia that I will not let go of. There is something really rotten about that story, and the priest of that parish’s indifference to the event. I hope to publish more fully on it as I get more information. H/T Oz-Rita

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  1. So who is the 75 year old pensioner?

    I would guess that they are white. But then the press has never been shy about giving out offender’s or suspects names if they were white. Generally if a nqme is not given the offender is not white.

  2. Eeyore, do you have a post that contains a summation of all the Fake Hate Crimes perpetrated by Muslims against themselves?

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