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10 Replies to “Daniel Johnson | Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion | Oxford Union”

  1. Am I mistaken, or has there been an increase in these types of clear and incisive condemnations of Islam? I’d say that more and more people are seeing through the claims that Islam is peaceful—the evidence speaks for itself. Daily atrocities carried out in the name of Islam are publicized around the world in a flash, making it harder to obfuscate and deny the connection between Islam and violence. Thanks for posting these videos. The passion and justified outrage shown by Daniel Johnson is the fuel that the counterjihad movement needs.

  2. If I was younger, I would copy these debates to bring them back ten years from now so they would show who was right. The older debaters have experience in their corner. The younger are idealistic, and to a certain degree rebellious, so as to be on the side against the “establishment”.

  3. I’m glad Daniel Johnson referred to the Oxford Muslim paedophile grooming gang, and to Oxford University’s own Professor Tariq Ramadan who was accurately described as a woolf in sheep’s clothing – although of course Ramadan is highly regarded by the far Left and by academics of a Marxist persuasion
    Some of the young people looked stunned by Johnson’s passion, and by Waters’ clarity and fearlessness: it seems the truth was too much for them to hear.

  4. Yaqoot:

    Actually its pure sophistry and insult and innuendo. he never actually addresses the point whatsoever. His response is not debate but appeal to emotion. His ‘facts’ are laughable. For example, Islam was indeed started in the area now called Saudi Arabia and in the cities now called Mecca as well as a city then called Yathrib but after it was taken over etc. called, ‘Medina’.

    It was hard to listen to as it was such, well bullshit. But by all means people should listen to it and then look up the facts. Like the idea of zero and other important mathematical conventions which were invented by the Hindus but found their way to Europe by way of the geographical accident that the middle east lies in between and for which muslims often take credit.

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