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7 Replies to “Polish Defense League adresses muslim community”

  1. It’s good to know that pairs of testicles are sprouting up all over Europe. We can call all the European nations dhimmified if we wish, but it looks like there are citizens in each and every one of them who are persuading us to be convinced otherwise.
    Best wishes to the Polish Defence League.

  2. This is good. The only way we are going to resolve this – other than by losing – is going to be by putting pressure on the Muslims and forcing them to reconsider the absurd notion that they might just win this little dust-up – which they won’t. By constantly appeasing them and arresting anybody who speaks against them, we are sending them the message that they are winning and that their tactics are working, and that we are too much of a bunch of pussies to fight them off. On the other hand, if we all start getting more like our Polish Defense League friend, they will get scared and go running to their Imams to tell them to lighten-up the message, ’cause they don’t want to spend the rest of their days looking through the razor wire as the rest of us enjoy our lives without them…

  3. The ordinary people are waking up and orginizing, it is time for the governments to run ahead and start leading or discover they are no longer employed.

  4. My Slavic heritage tells me we can only be pushed so far,and when that point comes ‘the followers of the teachings of the prophet, will get the message. The spirit of Jan Sobieski lives in the hearts and minds of the Polish people.

  5. Today, 14th, Vladtepes posted about the muzzi riots in Hamburg, not a peep from the BBC or the British press. Are they being wagged by Islam? Once more unto the breach, Dear Friends!

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