Breaking: Nail bomb found near mosque

1. Sky news:

Nail Bomb’ Near Mosque Probed By Terror Cops

Counter-terrorism officers are investigating a suspected nail bomb attack outside a mosque in the West Midlands, Sky sources say.

Several streets have been sealed off by police after residents reported hearing a loud bang in Tipton around 1pm.

Police said the explosion is being treated as a terrorist incident and some residents have reported finding nails and other debris in the area.

2. BBC:

The scene West Midlands Police were called to Binfield Street, Tipton, at about 13:00 BST
Part of a town has been sealed off by police after reports of “a loud bang” near a mosque in the West Midlands.

Police, including counter terrorism officers, were called to Binfield Street in Tipton at about 13:00 BST and have since cordoned off the area.

Residents reported finding nails and debris but there are no reports of any injuries, West Midlands Police said.


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11 Replies to “Breaking: Nail bomb found near mosque”

  1. When it involves an ‘attack’ on a Mosque the possibility of a false flag attack comes to mind, the ‘pious followers of the teachings of the prophet’ are quite adept at portraying themselves as victims.

  2. I heard that the ied was set to go at the time of friday prayers when there would of been alot of the followers of tard about. But “Miracouly” the mosque had set back the service by an hour. Is that kippers I smell?

  3. @ EDL

    You pretty much proved the point.

    If the same Imam, who planted the bomb found the bomb, then we cannot use finding his DNA on the bomb package a proof that he planted it. He know this. Bob techs will probably blow up the package anyway as a precaution and thus get rid of evidence. He know this also.

    So the Imam is left with “Woe is me, Woe is Islam, They are persecuting us”

    The Imam has his publicity stunt.

    They have made it expensive for us. We need more sophisticated robots to dissect bombs so we can get DNA, fingerprint and other data.

    If the package was not blown up, i bet there is the Imam’s DNA or some Muslims DNA or fingerprints all over the inside of the package.

    If this were ever found out the police need to publicize it. The Muslims need to take such a big publicity hit that they won;t do this again for a long time. But I cannot see the police, Theresa May or pols doing this.

  4. Yes, prayers delayed by an hour for the first time since…forever. How convenient. Like all the recent “attacks” on mosques, this one stinks to high heaven as well.

  5. Red, your prediction “Bob techs will probably blow up the package anyway as a precaution and thus get rid of evidence.” was spot on. They have just done that:

    “Police investigating a nail bomb attack at a mosque are carrying out a controlled explosion on part of the device, police said.

    The Kanz Ul Iman Masjid mosque in Tipton, West Midlands, was attacked yesterday afternoon but no one was injured.

    Today, a force spokesman said the controlled explosion would take place between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

    A force spokesman said: ‘Following ongoing forensic searches of the cordoned area, officers have found what appears to be a potential small component part of the device in a back garden of one of the properties.”

    (Read more:

    Seneca III

  6. Strange that the decision is it was an attack on mosque. Wonder what it was that led them that conclusion and that it wasn’t an attack on the Methodist church next door.

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