Links and news for July 11 2013 – 4

Check these out:

1. Snowden leak, the NSA is reading your skype chats.

Skype audio and video chats, widely regarded as resistant to interception thanks to encryption, can be wiretapped by American intelligence agencies, according to a new report in The Guardian. The report appears to contradict claims by Microsoft that they have not provided the contents of Skype communications to the government.

In a story published Thursday, based on documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, The Guardian offers some detail about extensive cooperation between the FBI, the National Security Agency, and Microsoft to enable government access to user communications via the intelligence tool known as PRISM. That cooperation included, according to the leaked NSA documents, enabling access to e-mails and chats, the SkyDrive cloud storage service, and Skype audio and video calls.

2. US calls for halt to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood arrests (No surprise there. Any more arrests and the Egyptian police will have to start busting people who work at the White House)

3. Christian beheaded as muslim violence escalates

 the decapitated body of 60 year old Magdy Habashi was found early Thursday in a cemetery in the town of Sheikh Zweid, in northern Sinai, after being abducted last Saturday by suspected Islamist radicals. He was the second Christian to be killed in northern Sinai in less than a week

4. Footage below is alleged to be of the muslim who tried to bomb the EDL being punched unconscious in prison.

5. Sunni world begins deportations of Shiias as ‘fans of Hizb’allah’.

6. Islam V Europe: Video of police being attacked by a muzz-swarm as they try and make an arrest. Please click over to IvE for the explanation

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3 Replies to “Links and news for July 11 2013 – 4”

  1. #1 Listening to skype chats.Seems like an inelegant solution. Inelegant solution do not survive. There just are not the resources. So many skype conversation are in foreign languages. Do they have the interpreters with knowledge of dialects or do they have good machine translations?

    In the decade before 011 the U.S. had 2,000 people in HUMINT. There was no Cold War anymore lol and we must cut the budget to fluff up domestic giveaways.

  2. Germany urges Morsi release

    BERLIN, July 12 (KUNA) — The German government called here on Friday for Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Morsi to be set free, considering that the detention of an elected president in Egypt would harm the country and its future.

    “We call for an end to the restrictions on Mr Morsi’s whereabouts,” Spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry Martin Schaefer said in news remarks.
    Germany also called for giving an independent non-governmental organization access to the ousted president’s whereabouts.

    The German move comes amid mounting tensions between supporters and opponents over Morsi’s overthrow.
    The ousted Egyptian president was reportedly in a safe place and receiving good treatment.

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