Links and news for July 11 2013 – 3

1. Front page points out the grotesque and ugly hypocrisy of Time Magazine

3 faces of time

2. Canada’s #1 whacko lefty crypto-enviornmentlaist, David Suzuki, comes out hard core against immigration to Canada and gets clean away with it. Showing once again the double standards of Canada’s press. Had a conservative said this on CBC he would be burned in effigy and called every hot-button name that casts aspersions.

3. Libyan troops being trained at British base

4. Crowds clap and throw flowers as Lee Rigby procession passes: (H/T M)

Lee Rigby crowd shot day before funeral

5. Abu Qatada allowed to preach to other inmates in Jordanian prison.


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4 Replies to “Links and news for July 11 2013 – 3”

  1. #1 I wonder how many people are seeing the covers and thinking Time is right?

    #2 If the immigration is Moslem I am against it, otherwise as long as the follow the laws to come in welcome, unlike the followers of Malthus I don’t see us running our of natural resources or losing the ability to feed our population.

  2. #1 Depending on the type of Hollywood Buddhist, I wonder how they process the Time Magazine hit piece? I thought the site or similar site ran a list of all the atrocities Islam inflict on Buddhists. There are certainly enough such atrocities to be reported on every month.

    So what is a good Hollywood Buddhist to do? Believe Time or believe Buddhist publications?

  3. What is this… Britain going nuts – so it seems…

    Pakistan party MQM: Police investigate claims it incited violence from London (BBC, July 11, 2013)
    “Police in London are investigating one of Pakistan’s biggest political parties, the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) for possible money-laundering. The BBC understands that in raids on MQM-owned properties in London, police found hundreds of thousands of dollars of unaccounted-for cash. The party’s leader is Altaf Hussain, who lives in London in self-imposed exile. Officers are also investigating complaints alleging that Mr Hussain used his base in the UK to incite violence in Pakistan…”

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