Three under arrest after Moreton soldier is killed in street attack

Personally I think the government along with the media in the UK are guilty of a crime because of the way these incidents are reported. We all already know who committed this atrocity. But we are being denied the information deliberately because it interferes with the illusion of multicultural harmony and islamic integration that the government insists is the case. To be lied to by the people who take our money from us and operate against our own interests and against our own security is the height of sedition. And sedition by the government against their own people. If ever there was a reason for the EDL it is this.

From Wirralglobe:



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  1. Looks like the tactics of attrition & terror.

    Reason by analogy. Leprosy kills. Yet the Leprosy virus cannot survive in most of the body. the body would clear it too fast. The leprosy virus stays in the cooler areas of the body and the inflammation response kills the host.

    Mono e mono a leprosy virus cannot stand up to a white blood cell. It just chips away at the fringes.

    3 soldiers in a months time. We have an insurgency.

    Some one said that we are waiting to bring the British soldiers come home from Afghanistan before cracking down. BullShit!

    Teresa may and those other rejected who have no skill than social climbing have no intention opf protecting Britain, the British people or British culture.

    the y will protect themselves, their careers and their families by promising free sh_t at election time, platitudes, half hearted measures and a dhimmi position. Yes a dhimmi position, they know how to grab their ankles.

    Wait to get tough until the last soldier is home? That soldier will be murdered by a Muslim when he steps of the military base.

  2. yvettabagel

    “a 16-year-old girl, was groped after being approached by five men in the sea opposite the Metropole Hotel”

    5 to 1. that says it all. It was Muslims. Thankyou, you GD legacy press for not printing any description whatsoever of the perpetrators.

    but you are so stupid that you forgot to take out the fact there was an overwhelming pack.

    When the the F_d d-mned legacy figues out that they have to leave out facts like it was 5 to 1, they will be reduced to writing stories like


    At that point even the slowest low information voter types will cease reading the papers. At leas they will cease reading the parts without pictures and stories of the like like Lindsey Lohan or Kim Khardassian.

  3. correction G-D d-mned not F-d d_mned.

    You know if there is a God, that a very high percentage of journalists will be in Hell.

  4. “Personally I think the government along with the media in the UK are guilty of a crime because of the way these incidents are reported….”

    I would accuse them of complicity to murder – in view of their reaction to the Lee Rigby murder – they PROMOTE what seems to become a modus operandi of their “protégées” on the streets of England, and the Media, in saying “nothing”, they are saying “yes”.

    Time again for the corrupt English police to arrest Tommy Robinson, quickly, lest he might don his T-Shirt “Support our Troops” again and agitate the populace….arrrrrgggghhhhh

  5. I had not heard of this incident with the soldier. I have watched what is laughingly called the news programmes, including the treacherous BBC. None of them had any information on this attack upon another soldier. Did they actually air it? or was it done at some obscure late night point, or as Murray won Wimbledon? i had to find it on the net, just shows how paranoid the establishment is & how complicit the media, are in this.

  6. David Stewart:

    This why it is so critically important for all of us to make sure that the information is out there by any means available to us. Many people still don’t know about Lee Rigby and far fewer know about the second and third soldiers almost certainly (I would give generous odds) killed by muslims for the same reason.

    We have to pick up the media slack and counter its Stalin-era like propaganda aspects. We have the tools but we have to show enough caring to use them. They can’t arrest us all and the charges will start to sound more and more ludicrous as they do when they threaten Tommy Robinson for ‘retweeting death threats against him for causing public agitation’ or something equally opaque.

  7. I am just reading “Righteous Indignation – excuse me while I save the world!” by the late Andrew Breitbart. Published in 2011 here are a few lines:

    “In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins becvause it controls the narrative….The left is the media. Narrative is everything…..
    The constellation of AM talk radio, the Internet (Drudge Report plus countless bloggers) and Fox News represent the successful, better-late-than-never counterattack against the left’s unchallenged control of the culture of a center-right nation. And this counterattack needs field generals, platoon leaders, and foot soldiers ready to storm every hill on the battlefield. To not yield an inch of ground to the ruthless, relentless, shameless enemy we face…..
    …the Internet was my battlefield of choice. I live on the battlefield…”
    (from pp 4 – 7).

  8. It is an insurrection, one that is coordinated with the insurrections in the other Western nations, we are in a war of survival with many fronts, Iraq is/was one front and Afghanistan was another there are many but the legacy/traitorous media insists that each front is a separate war to keep the low information voters from learning how grave the threat is and how we are losing the war because we aren’t fighting it as a war.

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