Links and news July 7 2013 – 3

1. Q’daffy’s legacy of kidnaping and serial raping and sexual slavery of women for his personal harem.

2. Not sure if I have posted this already, but here it is again if I did. A message from an Egyptian to Obama and America in general. English starts at about 40 seconds. I would like to add more to this and may later.

3. Pro Morsi militants

4. Egyptians asking US to stop aiding morsi

5. Abu be gone

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3 Replies to “Links and news July 7 2013 – 3”

  1. I think Obama was playing a double game with the uuber durks.

    The military gets a crap load of aid from us. I really really think they would have at the very least set out feelers before doing something that could damage further aid.

    And I think the state dept in responce didn’t not tell them not to not do it. If you get my drift.

    Also Americans connected to a US congressman were helping the secularists to compete with the MB AFTER the revolution. When the MB found out about it they literally chased the Americans away.

    I admit it’s just intuition at this point but the president’s statements do seem to have a “please. no. stop. I’m so very very concearned.” sort of ring to them.

    I could be wrong- and we won’t know for sure for some time.

  2. @ Truthiocity.

    You could be right. Secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood’s son was there. If Obama was supporting the MB to the hilt, over the others I don’t think that Ray would speak highly of Obama. After all Ray has skin in the game, his own flesh and blood.

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