Links and news for July 7 2013 – 1

1. RT video on the state of Egypt

2. Andrew Bostom explains that rejecting Morsi will have little impact as Egypt’s history is consistent with these types of events

3. Video news report on the attack on the Buddhist temple in India. (I am hoping Achi will translate this or a better one for us today)

4. One as to wonder how much this report on Britain’s BBC is similar to Canada’s CBC. I would wager a fair amount.

5. Robert Spencer on yet another muslim child sex slave outfit in GB

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10 Replies to “Links and news for July 7 2013 – 1”

  1. My parents went ion vacation to Jordan and this nut job Qatada was wanted back in his home country for plotting to kill American & Israeli tourists.

    I called my parents nut jobs for wanting to sight see in Jordan. I know there is a lot of history to see there not least of all, Petra. They returned safely. They did relate there seemed to be police and/or armored cars on every street corner. I wonder why? 😉

  2. The only way any Moslem nation will remain semi secular is by military force, when the military gives in to the Islamists sharia will return.

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