Update on Quebec train disaster

According to witnesses interviewed on CTV news, the train was traveling much faster than the strict speed limit for that section of track.

(I would think this would crush the notion that the train just ‘got away somehow’. The conductor who is being questioned has still not been named.)

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3 Replies to “Update on Quebec train disaster”

  1. If this is not a passenger train then why do they need a conductor? You would think they would need an engineer and an assistant engineer as a back up.

    Are we going to get misreporting from the legacy media due to ignorance and design to muddy the issue until they can triumphantly declare this is old news move on?

  2. Damn all we get is that they want to talk to the train conductor. Did they train have a “CREW of ONE”?

    “A railroad engineer, locomotive engineer, train operator, train driver or engine driver is a person who operates a train on a railroad or railway. ” – wiki

    ” Many conductors, especially those on night shift and on isolated regional lines, are being trained in self-defence against would-be assailants.” -wiki


    Did any journalism school graduate think to interview the engineer, find out if he died in the wreck or was off shift? Anyone? Anyone?

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